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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Precious Child.

Hi Everyone,

I was going to write a funny blog today, but just for now I would be better writing about someone much more important. My little Grandson. He is a very handsome little chap, and is the living image of his mom.That must really piss big George off, because it would be like looking at Andrea every day.

So as to get Andrea out of the way this one time, this was when she was still with him, he told her that she had to take her older son and go away for a few days as a man was coming to the Mission to see the family and that he was very dangerous and George said that he felt it would be safer if they weren't there.He said that this man was coming from out of State. Andrea did not want to have to go but the family absolutely insisted that she leave and they told her that it would be for one week. They said that she couldn't take little George because she needed a rest and that they would look after him for her. They forced the issue so much so that she had no option but to go. On the morning of the departure there was a phone call from this man, very early in the morning. He was saying that he had got lost entering Oregon, which had left him a good way off from Albany. George was so flustered on hearing from this man that when he went to get the tickets for her and her older son, he booked the tickets through to Seattle, one way only.

He made them get on the bus and off they went. Seattle was miles away from where they should have gone and when they got off of the bus and realized that they had been brought to the wrong city, they didn't know what to do. George had given them one way tickets, and no money, nothing to eat or drink on the journey and they were stranded.Now this is how George and the Matlands were.As mean and miserly as could be. Andrea made a call to some church people that she had met in Albany who lived in Washington and they drove up to Seattle to pick them up and took them to their house.Andrea called George over and over to send them the money to get the bus home again and once they had been there two weeks and he still had not sent it, the church people gave them the fares home again.She was desperate to be with her baby, but Matlands of course did not want that.

When they got back to Albany, the Matlands said that they didn't think that she would return to Albany again. As if she would leave her son behind. This is just showing you how mentally deranged this family are.Anyway it was very clear that the Matlands did not want her there.All they wanted was the baby.Things got worse at the Matlands, then one day George asked her to do something for him just to help him out with some of his paperwork as it needed sorting and by mistake he gave her the wrong box. To her horror she found that it contained the names of other women whom he had been married to, that she had no idea had exisited. He had always told her that she was his third wife. Not at all. Also on these papers were their details and about what Life Policies he had on them.Well, if nothing else had made her believe that he was a con man, this certainly raised her suspicions.

A while before, I had told her that things were not as they seemed, but it was such a job actually getting to speak to Andrea on the phone, that out of desperation one day I told her that I would be coming over on a certain date to visit.I put it at a few months ahead of this call, saying that because I knew that if they knew that I was coming over, that they would have to keep her alive until after my visit.. I had already heard some really bad stuff from different people where they used to live so I knew that this was all a sham to start with.I had no doubt whatsoever that all that I would turn up in an investigation would be more bad stuff as nobody had had a good word to say about the Matlands.Even three different Pastors would you believe, all said how memorable they were. How the heck would Pastors remember people from up to nearly 40 years ago, in one case, and say that they would never forget them as long as they lived, as they were so odd.Even a couple of people in the congregation that I traced, now well in their 80's remembered them.Maxine was actually saying back then that when her husband died, she was going to become a minister in the church.

I found that really strange and I will tell you why. Her husband went off with another woman very early on in the marriage, so he has three children just a fraction younger than the two he had by Maxine. The Pastor did not even know what her husband looked like as he never saw him, so all that crap printed in the newspaper in her profile, that I mentioned earlier on in my blog, was a figment of her imagination, and if one reads the divorce case, that to is bunk. The nearest Maxine came to being a Pastor was that her birth father was a Pastor, but having said that, her Mom and Clarence were divorced,and her Mom remarried and Maxine liked the new surname and changed to that.So why going back so many years, Maxine would tell her Pastor that she would become a Minister when her husband died, was irrelevant.But how is this for strange !!! He died in 1978 and just a few weeks earlier she decided to lodge false paperwork in the courthouse in Cave Junction, stating that she was an ordained minister.Not that there was a word of truth hardly on the paperwork, but nevertheless, she posed as a Pastor.And bought two properties in Cave Junction.One being the one she called "The Signs of Victory Bible School".She even had a couple of "heavies" there.Now that is strange for a normal church to have.Now I know that that is true and it is definate that a lot more went on in that area than you or I know.But that is a very sore subject with a few people there.Matlands advertised themselves as being a church and did marriages and again the spouses were very, very violently dealt with, and not just by one Matland.All three jumped in.The Sheriff from back then died a little while back, but I am telling you, Cave Junction and the forest holds many secrets.One of these heavies worked for the Sheriff's dept. back then and there is definately no mention of kidnap, child abuse, of Matlands going to kill George's wife after going after her child.Or of the young lad who tried to escape and his brothers tried to rescue him.They even lined up a second car so as not to be found but Matlands told the Sheriff that he had been kidnapped and these lads made it as far as Crescent City, California and took him to a doctors surgery there. As this boy was in with the doctor, the radio was playing . The doctor heard about this kidnapping (which of course wasn't a kidnapping) and phoned for the Sheriff in Cave Junction, and the boy was carted off back to the Matlands.NOW HOW DESPERATE ARE THEY TO GET A CONGREGATION????

A while later, time passed and this boy did escape. But he nearly died in the process as he was on his own, sleeping rough, the weather was so bad, but in the end, he made it to where he was safe away from these sick bastards.George worked in the forest logging.I was told that had one have taken a shovel and dug where the trees had been cut when he was working there, that one would find more than just logs .I'd say that that ground was well fertilised.These are a very dangerous family.And very mentally sick into the bargain.But as long as what they are doing brings them big money, they don't care.What lengths would they go to for the sake of greed? For a non profit making organisation, it's a very lucrative business. More tomorrow.

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