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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,

"GIVEN UP TO DIE " I wonder where I dug that title up from? It would not take much guessing. I had to write this blog entry because it struck me as so funny. Talk about nerve.That Matland family have it by the bucket load.

This title was taken from something that Maxine wrote back in 1984, when promoting the sales of all of her tapes, books and newsletters.Obviously it is her wording, but it get's better.This was written when Maxine had divorced from husband number three, Gale had divorced from husband number four and George Jnr. had divorced from wife number (approx) five. I am not being vague here, it is just that all of these different marriages are a bit of a job to keep up with. So there could be more up to 1984.

Now do please remember that this was written by her, about herself.

Given up to die.Received her miracle healing from cancer. Now teaching God's Word, she has been actively preaching and teaching on daily radio broadcasts for twenty years, publishing the Gospel by cassette tapes, books and monthly publications and Faith Victory Crusades both throughout America and overseas.

By practical application of the Uncompromised Word of God in everyday life,God confirms His Uncompronised Word with signs following this anointed vessel.Applying God's revelation gifts to practical situations and examples, Maxine Matland's ministry excels in bringing new light to the truths of God's Word so that you may also reap God's rich blessings in your life.

I can't help but laugh here because until I read this, everything else that I had read said that she and George had had major heart surgery, she must have forgotten that bit. A triple by-pass in her case.Well, she did always have to go one better than everyone else, so she conquered cancer and a triple by- pass. Not bad going, if there was a word of truth in it. But guaranteed to tug at one's heartstrings if one was stupid enough to believe this load of codswallop.

Go on to one of the other pages and now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. She is now telling people that "We must fulfill the goals that God has given us in '84! Missions in America and Overseas! Write me today....tell me of your committment to:

1. Pray each day.

2. Financial support each month.

We are going into all the world to preach the Gospel. We cannot do it without COMMITTED PARTNERS like YOU - YOU are importent to us, and we love you!

Look on another of these sheets and she is trying to draw people in by telling you that she needs $5,000.00 Well don't we all, except that most of us are to honest to go about putting ourselves foreward as fake pastors like she is doing. Now just dissecting some of what she is saying, she is kidding people on that she was left to die and she had a miracle happen which cured her cancer. And in other reading matter she says that she had Triple By-Pass surgery. She is saying also that she is an annointed vessell preaching God's uncompromised word. She goes on to say that she wants the public to send them money on a monthly basis so that you can become a committed partner. Well you would have to be "committed if you were daft enough to sign your money over to her like that, because the only place that would be going is into her secret stash, certainly not for anyone else.Then comes the hint for the $5,000.00 to help toward the financing of bible schools.Believe that and you will believe anything.

She says that she has been doing daily radio broadcasts for twenty years. Well, if my maths are correct, take twenty years from 1984, which would bring one back to 1964, thus her children then being 13 years old and 12 years old, she was still married legally to her first husband.She had not even at that point told her pastor about her intentions to become a Pastor herself, so that is just more lies, which comes to this woman's lips so readily. On top of which, if God was using her as His annointed vessell, did he happen to tell her and George and Gale that they were to each take a shovel, and nearly beat to death one of Gale's ex. spouses, to kidnap another young man after he tried to escape from their Bible school, for George Jnr to molest a child belonging to one of his wives and for the three Matlands to keep her separated from the outside world, like a prisoner? That is not even starting hardly on some of the crimes that they were committing back then.There was the selling of drugs, when in California. More marriages of violence and all the fraud/forgery and so on back then, so did God tell them to do all that also??? I don't somehow think so. And to think that over all the years until she died,(however she really did die) and all of the scams and hurt that they caused so many people, that not once did God turn round and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH " .

And for all those so called Christians sitting in their different churches of different denominations, who have covered up so consistently all those years, so that the Matland family do not suffer the pleasure of going to prison like normal citizen's who break the law have to, it makes one wonder, when they so obviously don't give a toss about the men, women and children who have all suffered at Matland's hands, just which God they are worshipping. And it might not be a bad idea for them to remember that a lot of these jobs are kept, by the very people (whom they are supposed to protect) voting for them. I wonder how many will vote them into office when they know just how far they will go to protect the Matlands?

Well I am going to finish here. I do hope that you are all doing well and I wish you all the very best of everything in life.Talk to you all soon.

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