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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lifes a Bitch


Let me add some more of this story regarding what happened to my daughter.Firstly though, I must just make a slight ammendment.I said in yesterday's blog (part 2) that the children were taken for one year so as to give my daughter time to get well after all that had happened to her. It was actually 11 months, but the reason that it was so long was not because they were taken for that length of time in the first place, but because this George Matland, that she had just married, refused to comply with the wishes of the court and so on, and would not attend any of the classes that they were asked to go to.He was definately worried that they would look into his background. So what I am saying is, although I have been researching this family for the past ten years, there has to be more on file either in Albany or Cave Junction and even prior to that.And I firmly believe that it involves something to do with children.

Yesterday I told you about how Andrea was allowed no outside contact with people.Also about how by a sheer fluke that I telephoned the local hospital for the first time ever, because of a gut feeling, and just fifteen minutes earlier she had been admitted into hospital to have baby George.But let me tell you this next part so that you can see for yourselves just what evil bastards this family are.

She had labor pains one day, but it was way to early for the baby to come and so George took her to the hospital and Maxine went as well.When she was examined she was so low in magnesium that Albany hospital decided to get her into Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, as they were so worried about her.She was taken by ambulance and Maxine and George followed in the car.Because she had been examined in Albany just shortly before, she was given a bed in a room and the only people in it were Maxine and George.She had been put on a drip because of the megnesium being so very low. Whatever happened in the room with only Maxine and George in it, by the time the doctor came in, her magnesium level had shot up to three times what it was supposed to be and the doctor was horrified as to what had happened to her.She actually had a complete out of body experience at this time and believed she had died momentorily.Maxine and George stayed with her like guard dogs for the rest of that day and night. Then they went back to the mission where Andrea's two boys were being looked after by Gale(far from looked after, actually)as she is as evil as Maxine and George.We didn't know until later that she had used a leather belt on the seven year old boy.But then her own children were treated very violently also, and this happened for minor incidents, let alone serious ones.

Andrea's labor pains subsided and so the baby was not born then, but the hospital were so worried about the state that she was in as she was so worn down, that they kept her a bit longer(.They even asked her if she could go back to get her doctor to send her back in to their hospital, so as to get her away from the matlands a bit longer). But Maxine didn't like George wasting time going to visit her, as it meant that she had not got him at her beck and call, and one day phoned Andrea in the hospital and was screaming down the phone at her calling her every name under the sun.Like the incident when George caught Andrea talking to me on the phone when she had just given birth to her little boy, and George started yelling at her for daring to talk to me, this incident was witnessed by the nursing staff, as was the one in Sacred Heart when it was Maxine screaming down the phone. She was so jealous of anyone taking his attention away from it just being on her.Whatever way you look at it, these are sick in the head type people.They are hated. It is an awful thing to say, but they really are. That is not me being a bitch.Their properties are so run down, so full of trash everywhere, they yell and scream and are very violent.There are many articles on the disgusting conditions that their tenents are living in,and photos of one place where the raw sewage was coming up in the bath, and the toilet was also in the bath. Ant there were photos of the cockroaches and bugs on the ceiling, almost like a freeze. It was unbelievable how the houses were never closed down, but having said that, the court did give her orders to clean up the place on several occassions and charged them in fines for not doing it. They had so many foreclosures and cases in court that it was ridiculous,but these were all non violent cases, debts and so on, but never was anything done regarding all the real crimes involving violence .Every time they got away with it.The Police and Sheriff and DA did not want to know.

This relationship with Maxine and George was the strangest, most suffocating one that you could imagine. He was 55 years old this year and until she died in March, he was hardly ever out of her sight.The same nearly goes for Gale, who is now 54 years old, but because she had husbands, for want of a better word,it meant that sometimes they lived in a separate house.But with George, he was at her beck and call 24 hours a day. When he was courting Andrea, if he gave her a rose, Maxine had to have a bigger and better one. If they went out for a coffee( that is as near dating as George does) Maxine had to go as well.She was like the ultimate mother-in-law from hell.A well known American saying is "crazy arsed mother fuc---, (nudge, nudge, nod's as good as a wink) well this relationship really sums that saying up. They were sick. perverted.She even had a key to let herself into their apartment and would go round in the early hours of the morning, if she was on her own and had not scored with some poor unfortunate fella at the shelter, and she would ORDER George out of bed and he would have to go round to her place and sleep there.Like I said, they were really sick, buy then there is a much worse case scenario.You think that that is sick, that I have already told you about . Sorry, but this gets worse.I think before I enter that part of the story, that I ought to hang on a bit before saying what else Matlands were condoning.

I already told you that they were involved in performing many illegal marriages.The first marriages were legal, in Texas and California and Nevada. But the violence by the Matlands was beyond belief.It was not just like a normal fight between husband and wife, they ganged up on the victim.That's why there are so many people over the years who have been gathering information on them in the hopes that they could expose them, but because Matlands have some sort of a hold over the people in office, police and so on, nothing gets done.These people are so incensed at the vicious treatment that members of their family received at the hands of the Matlands, that there is a group who are watching and waiting to get something done legally, and quite by accident I stumbled across them.But if I wait much longer for them, nothing will get done, plus also, they are so terrified that the Matlands will find out where they are, that they keep moving.I am talking about over thirty years, and still when I track these people down, their one thing is to tell me not to give away where they are living now.They really are frightened, to the point whereby they are nearly to frightened to talk to me.Matlands play with your mind.And as if that is not bad enough, they don't leave you alone when the marriage (legal or otherwise) is over.And none of these spouses have been able to just decide to leave, like in the case of a couple who know that the relationship has come to an end, they have to escape.Now how crazy is that? And if there are children who came with the new spouse, that's even worse for them to get away.Because they want your children.You could get out, but the children are a different kettle of fish altogether.And doesn't it strike anyone as odd, as to why it is mainly the homeless people in the shelter, who are the ones that they pick to marry (legally or otherwise)?And why after sometimes just weeks, or months, that they have to escape.The people at the mission are used as free or cheap labor and the children work also.There are laws in other States against the wrong treatment of children, or human beings in general, but it seems that Albany do not see why they should enforce them, when it comes to the Matlands breaking the law, time and time again. So doesn't that make one wonder perhaps if this is not part of a bigger story.See my link for : imc portland.given below.

So I will close for now.More to follow. I wish you all well.

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