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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who Do You Sit Next To?

Hello People,

How are you all today? I do hope that your weather is better than it is here in Ireland .Wet and very windy is the best description of what it is like here today.A bit like a baby's bum.But I expect that those of you who are reading this adore babies.In most cases people protect their children.Would die for their children.And if you are one of the few who don't like kids, you still wouldn't want to see any harm come to them, even if they belong to other parents.And for the odd few who hurt their kids physically, mentally,or any other way, there is always SCF to come to the rescue isn't there??? After all, isn't that the idea, and why SCF was invented? To protect the children who were getting hurt.To investigate what was going on? The idea being that anyone in public office or ordinary people could, if worried for a child's safety, could tell SCF and they would see if the child/children were safe and well cared for.And act accordingly.

Whilst we are on the subject of services provided in Albany, Albany Police dept. are supposed to protect people and investigate crimes, it's part of why they join the service.Working in the Police dept. is a bit like a calling.You want to help people.You want to protect the ordinary citizens.So being a policeman is a good way of doing that.

And on top of which, wouldn't you think that if you worked at the Courthouse as a Judge or DA, or in one of the many offices there processing records, which in each case, would be an importent job of responsiblity, that you would want to do that job to the best of your ability?

Then of course there is the Albany Fire Dept., now there is a job where you definately would need to be dedicated.One's life would be at risk everytime one went to a fire.So you would really have to admire the people who joined up for this job .It takes guts and determination, and they save lives just about every day of the week.

Then we have the Sheriff's dept. one would still need dedication, to be honest(as also in the jobs that I have so far mentioned) brave, able to handle people with firmness and integrity.I mean to say, some of the situations that they and the services above must encounter, must be awful, heartrending, dangerous, none know whether they will get attacked, shot or what when they go to a callout, but they put their thoughts and fears to one side, because they are dedicated!

Well, it is nice to dream. So why does that not happen in Albany when it comes to investigating the Matlands many crimes? And why was it the same in Cave Junction. One case of trespass is all that was on record there.? There was kidnap, illegal marriages, abuse both physical and mental on poor unfortunates that went to their Bible School (big joke!) fraud and forgery, and arson.It just strikes me as very odd that for several years there was one case of trespass on record.But doesn't it remind you of exactly the same crimes that the heads of the departments mentioned above, have all gone to such great lengths to cover up for thirty years in Albany?

So I could name names, list the crimes, but I don't have time today.But it is food for thought.If these crimes were carried out by anybody else in Albany, these agencies would be down on those people, like a ton of bricks.So why not the Matlands???

The title of this entry is "Who Do You Sit Next To?" My meaning being that the heads of some of these agencies sit sweetly in their respective churches letting everybody believe that they are more godly than the next person, they bear their testimonies to the congregation, play the piano or whatever, say their prayers, according to which churches they are affiliated to, but behind the scenes and back in their jobs, they are going to great lengths not to bring Matlands crimes to light or deal with them.And believe me, I have tried.Again and again I will say this. There is no justice in Oregon if the Matlands are involved.Ask yourselves why? What do they have that the other people don't have? They have a false church, a shelter for the homeless, a pastor who was never a pastor and a minister who was never a minister. They have many people, men, women and children who are desperate for shelter.They are all very vulnerable, and all have to work for Matlands.And I mean the youngest of children as well. They have access to their mail via the church mail box.Can be quite lucrative at times.Food Stamps are always handy as tithes. They are cheap labor, whatever way you look at it. But there is more then the illegal marriages and the very real divorces whereby Matlands definately are not losing out.So why wouldn't the courthouse look into that. Why would the judges go ahead with these cases, knowing that the marriages were in most cases, illegal to start with. Why is it so hard to get ones children out of Matlands clutches????And why does it not matter what fate befalls those children even when the crimes on them are known about? Why would SCF be so keen to not investigate cases there that they would wait three weeks before going out to a call, and then phone ahead and arrange that the meeting takes place in the dark, out on the pavement and when it is so far past when the original injury was done, that it could not hardly be seen.And this woman investigating stayed sitting in her car whilst the father and child stood chatting to her.This is one isolated incident of several.Doesn't it make you question who the guilty party is there??? And she is the head one there.I wouldn't let her guard the monkeys in the zoo......MORE TOMORROW!

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