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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fire In My Belly.

Hello everybody,

Well all hell is about to break loose!!! It is a beautiful sunny day here in Ireland and I suppose I should be out tending the garden, but I just have to get this blog entry written, because once it is done, it is like handing it over, if you understand what I mean. I am seething. Who the hell do those Matlands think they are? It is like they think that they are above the law. Since George got married into marriage number ten, which is an illegal marriage yet again, because his mother performed the ceremony, this girl Priscilla has her three children obviously living with them. Don't get me wrong, of course she should have them with her, and, what she thinks is her husband. But get this !!!! Shock of shocks, everytime that Andrea or I have phoned trying to get to talk to my grandson,(Andrea's son) George always either screamed down the phone (like the demented pervert that he is) or simply slams the phone down and says nothing, and then when one phones back, he leaves it to ring out. This is the man who calls himself a Pastor.Whatever happened to loving one another? I don't think that he ever heard of that scripture. Well last night was no different, he just slammed the phone down again, but this time when I phoned, we were already in possession of some new information.

Thank God there are some genuine, decent people in Albany still, who keep their eyes open for me.And thank God that we have web sites like Yahoo 360 and My Space whereby we can make friends with some of the most amazing people who would restore one's faith in human nature, and of whom, unless it was for sites like this, we most likely would never meet in our entire lives. So just before I go on, I really have to pay tribute to people on these two sites who have really put themselves out to help me, and yet have never met me, or heard of me before I took these desperate steps to try and get this case publicised.

Linn County Courthouse and the other authorities should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for all the crimes that this family have committed and they covered up, and how the court case re. Custody and Divorce was never looked into, because that was fixed before it ever got into court on day one. What the hell is the point of having an attorney or signing legal documents when it means sweet fuck all to the courthouse.They are responsible for legal documents that are stamped and so on by them, and yet there are remarks asking why these certain papers have been witheld from the file, by ordinary people working there, who obviously have more common sense than these stupid, ignoramuses that call themselves Judges, that work in that courthouse, and the biggest fool of the lot, the District Attorney who has done NOTHING regarding any of this case, and that includes attempted murder and all of the other crimes that he knows full well are going on both now and have been for over 25 years.WELL, NOT FOR MUCH LONGER MATE. YOU WILL ALL BE LOOKING FOR NEW JOBS WHEN I AM FINISHED WITH YOU.I am going to show you all up for exactly what you really are, NOTHING!!!! The law means nothing to you.I wouldn't give you a job sweeping the streets, because you would probably fix that as well.

So let me go on to what I was saying. I was saying about how Priscillas' girls were living with George and her which as a couple, of course they should.I mean forget the fact that George is a child abuser, I am just saying that in the normal run of things, that is how it should be.But get this!!!! For all that that man put my daughter through, ie. keeping her doped up via her food, treating her like a prisoner but in a house without bars, punching her in her stomach when very pregnant, him and his mother and sister pretending that the police were waiting outside their house to arrest her (when she had done nothing illegal)and bundling her off out of the back of the property and hiding her in different buildings for days at a time,plus not allowing outside contact by using the phone, stealing her mail that was both incoming and outgoing (and I have written evidence to prove it) and then don't forget the incident in Albany General Hospital where I had a 'feeling' in my gut that I had to call them and not a clue as to why. Well I did phone and asked if Andrea was a patient of theirs, but not expecting them to say that she was in their hospital and had just fifteen minutes earlier had a baby and asked if I would like to speak to her.I was totally gobsmacked and got to actually talk to her. Don't forget that this was unusual because at home she was not hardly ever allowed to receive a phone call and as for me, well the Matland's definately did not want her having any contact.I was on Matland's hit list.Anyway she came on the phone, so happy and pleased that she had got a new baby boy and told me how they were going to call him George Raymond Matland III, and whilst she was telling me this,that asshole George Raymond Matland Jnr.,(I keep putting his name so that everybody knows who that bastard is) came back into the room after getting a cup of tea and saw her on the phone.Now Andrea was happy at the birth of her third son and she genuinly did love this George all along, but because the Matlands are so clever at what they do, she did not realise that she was being kept like a prisoner, even though she was allowed to go to the local shops.It was all mind control. She had no idea that they were pure criminals and nothing whatever to do with any church. It was all a front for their crimes. So George came on the phone to me, and played the part of the proud father and I played along and congratulated them and so on.

I didn't know until after he had tried to kill her and also attacked her five year old son and they escaped in January 1998, that as soon as Andrea put the phone down, he verbally attacked her there and then in the hospital in front of the staff. This was just minutes after having the baby.Now what kind of sick bastard does that? Then on her release from the hospital, as punishment for dareing to talk to me, he took and hid the newborn baby for three days. But this was not the only time that he did that. Each time she did something to displease him, he did it again.Plus there was the time when she and her five year old boy were sent to Washington, so as to get her out of the way because a man was coming to the mission to see George and Maxine and they did not want her seeing who he was. Now she was not allowed to take the baby with her. She did not want to go and they kept telling her that she would be able to have a rest, a bit of a holiday and that if they kept George Raymond, she would have some peace and no matter how much she insisted, they wouldn't let her take him.George was so insistent that he took them to the bus station and bought the ticket himself and they had no option but to get on the bus.George was very flusterred because just before they left, the man who was due to arrive got lost, took the wrong turning or whatever as he was coming into the State and had to phone George to get directions.George had also said something that was strange as well, and that was that he wanted her out of the way because this man was going to kill Maxine.Now as good an idea as that was, he was telling lies.George was so flusterred that he bought the wrong tickets for Andrea and her son. He named the wrong destination which was miles and miles further on than where they were supposed to be going.Plus, unknown to Andrea, he bought only one way tickets. Andrea never had any money because that was part of what Matlands do, keep one without a penny.You cannot wander far that way.

So here they were, on a bus going to the wrong destination, they had not a pennypiece on them and no return tickets. When they got off of the bus at the other end, miles from where they were supposed to be, totally lost and pennyless, she broke down in tears and didn't know what to do. He never even gave them the money for a cup of tea.But she went to a phone and the people who it was arranged would pick her up, drove all the way to fetch them.This was a nice couple of church people who had met Andrea in the Thrift shop who felt that there was something drastically wrong with the Matland's set up and kept an eye on her, but actually lived in a different State.Now to cut a long story short, because I need to go over what else I want to put here, Andrea and her son stayed for nearly two weeks in totall, because George would not send her their return fares and so this family paid for their tickets to go back to Oregon and when they got home, the Matlands said that they thought that she would not return.

Now I am going to say this and hang the consequences.That man that came to the mission was no more going to murder Maxine, than fly to the moon. The mission is a front for crimes of all sorts.They were keeping illegals in their apartments .Three young, underage Mexican girls that I am thinking of just in this instance. All pregnant and all being hidden away.Somewhere along the line, because one can lose people so easily, especially in an illegally operated mission like this is, where they used to lock the Veterans into the basement so as to stop them escaping, and whereby the authorities all cover up what is going on there, what if this is part of the case whereby children are being bought and sold across the State line and/or are being used for pornography or sold into slavery.Any of you Oregonians who are sitting there saying that this does not happen in your State, had better think again, because I know the names of people right in amongst you in the best positions possible, who are named as being involved. I am actually not referring to Albany here, but moreso that it is a channel which is one of many in this State, that are supplying these kids. But Children's Services and Oregon State Bar and certain Judges names and higher up the ladder, have been named.

Now tell me why nothing happens to the Matlands. They are just a cog in a much bigger wheel .But let me go on to say that for all that they have done, and all that George Matland has done himself on all of his past wives, and for the rigging of the court case which totally prevented Andrea from having Cusody of her son, after all that he did on them, and still was never put in prison, why would they believe his lies when if they used half a brain could see that Andrea could not have possibly done what big George accused her of and lied to the police about. And yet my daughter and family and I are allowed no contact whatsoever because george Matland himself won't allow it.WELL ,WELL DONE LINN COUNTY COURTHOUSE. YOU HAVE CERTAINLY EXCELLED YOURSELVES NOW.And George Matland was the one who attacked the five year old which caused Andrea and him to escape the same night in the first place, and all because the child was to tired to work anymore and wanted to be with his mom, and George went and told the Police a totally different story which made it sound as though Andrea had attacked him and there was not one shred of evidence .I think that to get a job in Albany in one of the authorities that are there to protect the people and especially it's children, one has to first get a degree in stupidity, then one stating that you will protect the guilty and persecute the innocent, and if there is a possibility of a brown envelope being a reward for services rendered, then anything goes(except sticking to the law).Believe me, Citizen's of Oregon, sit back and hang on to your hat's, I haven't even started.

To my friends who follow this blog, I do hope that you have a really good weekend.JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL OR WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING LAWS. The Matlands must be put in prison and pay for their crimes for all the cruelty and crimes that they have committed over so many years.The likes of you and I would have been put away years ago for just one crime, so why treat them differently? Watch for the next blog as I think that one of their crimes is about to come back and bite them right in the balls. Believe me, even I had to laugh.

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