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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

I just wanted to put this down on my blog today.I was asked this morning how I was feeling regarding this case.Well let me put here how I do feel.I warn you though that this is not going to be very well written because I get to upset thinking about it all. But here goes anyway.

If you are woken suddenly in the middle of the night and on the phone is your daughter who is thousands of miles away and she is crying and doesn't know what is happening to her, and when she describes it you hear that she is going through what seems to be a heart attack, and you have to talk her through whilst trying to get her to wake her son up so as to run across to the neighbours to get an ambulance, all before she collapses in a heap, and you are unable to do anything because you are so far away, and then when you hear her in pain another time, because she has over 150 tumors and is swollen up from her feet to her jaws, and when you know that she is doped up on medication because she can hardly work out day from night , and when you know the difficulty that she was having from strokes and how she was having to learn to walk without dragging her foot, and her mouth all lopsided and how she was having to do many, many exercises to try and get back some sort of normality, well as you can imagine, it is not the best feeling in the world, putting it mildly.

Then when you hear that she was deliberately given poison with her being led to believe that she was taking Tylanol (nothing against Tylanol)and as she put the spoon into her mouth and it tasted so vile that the only way she could get rid of it was at that time, to swallow it,rather than spit it out onto the carpet as she was being stood over by George,( because he gave it to her from his secret cupboard), thinking that it had gone off, but then no sooner had she done this so as to get it out of her mouth, it reacted immediately by paralyzing her muscles. In fact it reacted so quickly that George himself was so shocked that he ran to get her milk. Mind you he never got her a doctor or took her to the hospital, but then he couldn't could he, after all, it was he that was trying to kill her yet again.Then there was the time that he took and hid the newborn baby as punishment for dareing to take a call from me in the room where she had just given birth.There was the time that she was rushed to Sacred Heart in Eugene when the hospital in Albany found that she had gone into premature labor and was so very low in magnesium and George and Maxine went with her in their own car and she went in the ambulance, and when at the hospital Maxine and George stood guard over her and tampered with the drip and Andrea died momentarily and they stayed with her all night and Maxine even had to spoon feed her some mashed potato because she was so ill. And meanwhile back at home, Gale had the two chilren belonging to Andrea and it turned out that she had beaten them with a leather belt and they were only tiny themselves.

Then there were the times when under constant stress, that the Matlands bundled her up and took her out of the back of the house, pretending that the police were waiting to arrest her, and she had done nothing wrong to start with, and they would leave her in other houses until they decided to bring her back home again, and then the attack on the five year old boy because he was tired and wanted to go upstairs from working in the Soup Kitchen, then of course there was the Police turning up and George and Maxine turned the attack on the child onto Andrea (and yet she was the one who phoned 911)and also said that she clawed him and drew blood and threatened to kill big George if he took her son again, and in reality there was none of this happened. But he used that false police report to get a Restraining Order to stop her having any contact with her son, whatsoever and there was not one shred of evidence that she had done any of what the Matlands said to the Police. But not content with doing that, George had the paperwork from the court files stolen so that when the case for Custody and Divorce started, it appeared that she had not even bothered to go to the court and he stole the letter with the date of the first hearing, which is so important because if you don't turn up and you don't put in your paperwork, the custody automatically goes to (in this case) George.This is the man with 285 counts against him and who has never been sentenced for anything serious.

This is the same man who never complied with any of the court rules, he is like a law unto himself as are the sister Gale and their mother Maxine, before she died.Time after time after time they have committed the most atrocious crimes of violence, and blackmail and arson and abuse on men, women and children, and fraud and forgery and I could go on and on and on.They stop at nothing so as to get what they want, and the law does not even come into it.

And there are those bastards that run the Linn County Courthouse, Jason Carlile and the Judges and the Police, and the Sheriff, (not the one who is there now) I am talking about Burright,and Chief of Police,again not the one who is there now,but at least two before and Children's Services' Diane Aspengren, Peggy Davis and Rose Infonte, and George's last attorney Edward L.Daniels who saw to it that the case for divorce and custody went ahead even though he knew that there was no legal marriage to start with before he filed. Then he was not satisfied with that, he lied to the Oregon State bar and has done everything to help George to keep Andrea from having her son.

Now George has got himself another spouse who is as caught up in crime as they are , and she has three girls and another child that they have taken in, and my grandson.So how do i feel???Well my stomach burns with pain 24/7, I don't sleep properly because my mind is running the whole time, I am full of hate for these people and how they can be allowed to carry on doing what they are doing,with the authorities knowing all of this.But not just in Linn County, Josephine County also.Plus they were on the run from California where their crimes were supposed to be even worse and were supposed to have been thrown out of Arizona.I'd need to be a millionaire to investigate this lot.

So if I feel the way that I have described, imagine how my daughter feels. A million times worse.She and her family and myself cannot have any contact with little George, we know how violent this family are towards children and yet they are still allowed to commit crime after crime after crime.What secret deals are you hiding Jason Carlile and your so called legal friends who run Albany?Why are you covering up for the Matlands?? And what is Cave Junction hiding, because we know that you are?And it is serious.

Before I close, has anybody ever read the following? It's from a group called "A Voice For Children"

Read the links for In The Supreme Court for the State of Oregon, and" The Truth Is On Trial In A Court Of Lies" That will go a way towards telling you how Oregon treats it's citizens.

So I will bid you all farewell for now,I think that you will find that website very enlightening.

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