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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The people who read this blog and others that I write, might think that I get great enjoyment out of doing this, but to be perfectly honest, it tears my guts out and rips me apart having to go over and over the inhumane treatment that my daughter and her children suffered at the hands of this vile scum who pose as a Pastor and ministers of a church.But perhaps it is nearly worse that it is the local authorities in Albany, Oregon 97321 (let's make sure that there is no doubt as to who I am referring to) who are doing absolutely nothing to get this family put behind bars. If it was anybody else doing just one or two of the crimes that the Matlands do, these people would be locked up and the key thrown away.

Now take the fact that they did worse before in Cave Junction, which is Josephine County and again before that in California. Now can't you see that there is a pattern that has built up,each time the authorities that be, are turning a blind eye, meaning that there has to be a reason.It could be brown envelopes, or could there be something far more sinister going on???? Now at this point, I am only going to refer to Oregon.And in this blog, just for now, let's stick to Albany because this is all going on, or has done, fairly recently and because there is a situation which desperately needs sorting.

My daughter arrived in Albany halfway through 1994 and happened to go into the Thrift Shop owned by the Matlands. Maxine was in there and Andrea broke down in tears as she was looking for an apartment after having travelled with her children an awful long way.Maxine asked her what the matter was and when she heard all that had befallen her before arriving in Oregon, told her that she could rent her an apartment in one of her many properties, which Matlands owned back then.It was a dump, but it was a roof over their heads.George homed in on Andrea, more or less straight away.She was very, very vulnerable then because she had already gone through hell, and George, Maxine and Gale were decent to her and the children and as she was so alone and nobody knew where she was at that time, she was ideal prey for them and their crimes. George Matland wooed her like in an old fashioned way.He behaved in a gentlemanly way for four weeks.Now, she should have copped on as to the strange relationship between his mother and himself, but although she thought it odd, she put it to the back of her mind, because these few weeks were the first time she had been treated OK since arriving in America.She had been divorced, raped, beaten up by a psycho boyfriend, kicked and so on whilst pregnant and strangled, and just to top it off, she had been advised for her own and the children's safety, by the State Police whom were her friends where she lived, that Oregon was a good place to move to. The only thing was that she travelled with a fella who was heavy into religion and they got safely to Oregon and he flipped out mentally and tried to kill her youngest son.Both children got taken into care for one year, but that also was to give her a chance to build up her health as just about everything that could happen, had happened to her.

After a month of knowing George, he asked her to marry him.He told her that he was a minister in the church, that his mother Maxine was the Pastor of the mission and Gale did the books and played the piano for the services.Now, doesn't that sound like a nice little set up?Three loving, christian people helping the homeless, feeding the homeless, clothing the homeless.They nearly sound like saints.Except I missed a bit out. They were robbing the homeless, taking their Food Stamps, robbing their mail which all went to the one PO Box in Albany Post Office,using them as cheap or free labor, their kids as well.And, being homeless, Matlands had all their personal details ,Social Security numbers, and so on,and looked after their medication.And God help anybody complaining about the way they were treated like slaves and kept in conditions that you would not keep a dog in.George and Andrea got married.Maxine performed the ceremony, the people from the shelter attended the service(if you can call it that).

Now you might think that they were being very kind and considerate by keeping her away as much as possible from the people staying in the shelter.It would seem like that at first, but then they kept her away from nearly everyone because they didn't want people to know that she was actually there. It was like a case of out of sight, out of mind.At this point I hasten to add, I had no idea whatsoever that Andrea had had so much happen to her and also that she was living in Albany.I had written to her old address and it was not until the manager of the mail office saw that I had written several times, that he took it upon himself to tell me that Andrea and family no longer lived in that State. I was dumbfounded and couldn't undersatnd why she had not written for a while. To cut a long story short, I made quite a few calls around the States and eventually a very kind operator got curious as to why I was asking for all these different numbers and helped me out as best as he could.Eventually I found out that she was most likely to be in Oregon and just happened to call the one person who actually was able to get into the correct database and even arranged for Andrea to get my call.

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