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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a really Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous,Healthy and Successful New Year. May it be your best year ever and I sincerely mean that. Oooops! Let me modify that a little. Let us turn our eyes to the church.Well! In this case, Church Mission.Also to the homeless people who live or arrive in Albany, some with familes, some on their own, some on drugs or who are alcoholics, or some who are illegal but all desperate for a bed to sleep on and warm food for their bellies.Even the very meanest of citizens would surely feel sorry for these people, who through circumstances sometimes not of their own making, have ended up desperate for a safe haven to help them get their lives back on track.Wouldn't even the hardest of hearts have sympathy with these people?

Now let me make this absolutely clear before I write another word. I am only referring to the Church Mission called "The Sign's of Victory Mission", and slight variations in that title.I think I have found about five so far.It is on Cleveland Street, and you can't miss it as one of their three Thrift shops is in the same property, along with their Soup Kitchen and their church ministry. The other two Thrift shops being in Lebanon and Corvallis. Please do not mistake what I am writing as being an advert for them, that could not be further from the truth.This is more of a HEALTH WARNING! Mind you, this Mission is more hazardous than cigarettes or alcohol, and their shelter for the homeless at 705 Lyon Street, is equally as dangerous.

Let us turn our thoughts to that dear, sweet,old lady who passed away in March of this year better known as Maxine Matland.(And YES! I was being sarcastic when I said that she was 'sweet and dear' ) .Along with her son George and daughter Gale, (both in their 50's now) have been running the Signs of Victory Mission for twenty five years in Albany.Then prior to that they ran a Bible School in Cave Junction (Josephine County) after having lived for a while in California.A place that they had to leave very suddenly, much to the dissappointment of the local sheriff.And it wasn't because of their charitable acts that they left so quickly.

Take a look at the real Matland family. Disregard the heap of crap that the Democrat Herald wrote about all the good works that the Matlands do and how she became a Pastor and radio broadcaster .She did become a radio broadcaster, she just was never a Pastor.Read February 5th.1987 article called "Mission Director: A Profile of Maxine Matland".It would be hard to actually find one line of truth as if a reporter was wanting to write the truth, why would he not check out what lies she told him.If he had half a grain of common sense he would have telephoned the places that Maxine was saying that she studied in, and he would have also queried the place where she was ordained and who ordained her.Not only that, the story about her husband and her moving to California in 1978, where she went to work as a secretary, is absolutely amazing, astounding should I say, perhaps even a MIRACLE! well she was a Pastor wasn't she,so she told people, they are entitled to an odd miracle or two aren't they? Because if that was true, she was indeed blessed, as her husband was not only married to another lady and had been divorced from Maxine in 1970,on top of which he had died, but she and her son and daughter had left California and bought two farms in Cave Juction, and lodged false paperwork in Josephine County Courthouse stating that she was an ordained minister and she opened a bible school there. Except in that case, there was no reporter to write the truth of all that took place there eirther.Believe me, she was as far removed from being a Pastor as it is possible to be, but it is a great way of not having to pay Property Tax and to get money using the "Pastor" word.And it seems that the word Pastor opens up the doors for more illegal scams , involving fraud, arson, abuse in it's cruellist forms, attempted murder, child abuse,kidnap (only one case that I know of), tax evasion, rape(also only one case that I know of), illegal marriages by the dozen on the three of themselves but also to people paying good money for her to perform their ceremonies believing that they were really ordained ministers. But even worse, not only were the marriages from the late 70's onwards, that the Matlands performed on each other (and I am talking of the ones involving innocent people often from their shelter for the homeless)illegal and not worth the paper that they were written on, nor were the documents lodged on record at the Courthouse and Vital Records,in the State Offices, but these people also had to go through a divorce for a marriage that never was.Some people's records never even got to the Courthouse. Obviously I expect that you are way ahead of me, and have realized that this was all for fraud.Now on top of this there is the question of the horrendous cruelty that took place on these innocent people who really believed that they were married.

Now believe me, I have studied this case for many years involving the Matlands,and the many, many crimes of different types that they have carried out back from the early 1970's up to today.My reason for doing this page is to expose the officials who are in the full knowledge that these crimes have, and still are, being committed.Let me go into this more in my next blog entry, so that you will understand why I am having to take such drastic, public action.Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this.The next blog, I am sorry to say, will be a bit disturbing.

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