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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Good Morning Friends,

Kidnapped !!! What the heck is the matter with me? Hello my friends, isn't it funny how pieces of a conversation or memories of things can lie dorment , only to suddenly pop into one's mind from out of the blue.I was sitting there having my morning cup of coffee and it suddenly struck me about a telephone call that I had made very soon after I had found out about this marriage of my daughter Andrea to George Matland Jnr.When I came to Ireland, I rented the first place that came up, purely so that I had somewhere to live until I got properly settled.Anyway it was a condemned house, it was close to the shops, but I never got a phone put in because I wasn't planning on staying long.I ended up staying seven years, would you believe, and actually cried when I left.I could write a book on that house alone.It was called the Coffin house.And yes, coffins used to be made there and it was a very haunted building, but I had many happy , or should I say hair raising experiences there, and I have to admit that I still have very fond memories of that very old run down property.

I used to tell people that I had all the latest conveniences there.There was no bathroom, just an outside loo.The door was hanging on by sheer luck, but funnier still, it was hung inside out.The actual loo was the sort whereby you pull the chain, however this was just a piece of rope.As the cistern flushed(this was placed high up on the wall) the water gushed over the top like a shower, and the water that made it down the pipe into the actual toilet, gushed upwards as there was a hole in the pipe where it joined the actual bowl.So I used to tell people that I had a shower, and a bidet, so in other words I had all the modern conveniences.There are so many stories that I could tell you about this house, but I remember early one morning lying in my bed(which was actually an old settee, and wondering why there was such a cold draft on my head.When I got up to investigate, I saw that the kitchen window was no longer closed. The reason being that in the night sometime, the top half had fallen out of the brickwork , frame and all,and landed on the window sill just by sheer luck, upright, and was just balancing there.The landlord whom I shall call Mr Botchit, (a builder would you believe) came in to mend it.HE NAILED IT INTO THE WALL.Can you believe that?It was to dangerous to have electricity in the house, so he came up with this brilliant idea.He got an extension lead and plugged it into the kitchen in the next house, and passed it over the wall into my house.Living there certainly brings one back down to earth and makes you appreciate the simplest of things.I actually stayed there seven years.

But anyway, that's not the point of this blog.I have given this entry the title of KIDNAPPED. As I have already mentioned, I did not get a phone put in because I never gave it a thought that I would live in that house for so long, so I used to have to make my telephone calls from the main part of the town from a telephone kiosk.This was before mobile phones came into fashion, and before the price war between the telephone companies.It cost me over one punt per minute to phone America and with Ireland being eight hours ahead of Oregon timewise, it meant that I had to make a lot of my calls late on in the day and ones to the Matlands usually around 3.30 am in the morning, Irish time, because they always gave me the run around, meaning that I would perhaps call two or three times earlier in the day, but they always mess one about.They really are depraved and have it in their heads that if they piss you off for long enough, you will give up trying to talk to whoever. In my case I was trying to get to talk to my daughter.

Because the cost of the phonecalls was so expensive and I had by this time found out that the Matlands were not church people after all, but just con artists who were pulling all the scams that they could, I did not phone very often, but would write instead. Obviously one thinks that the letters are delivered to that person.You don't realize until much later, after you find that you aren't getting replies, and just thinking that they are to busy to write, that the mail was being stolen. On top of which it turned out that Andrea was writing to me and as the Matlands had total control over all mail belonging to the family, and the transients who used their church mailbox address, Andrea's letters to me were never posted in the first place.Thus leaving her thinking that I was not writing and me thinking that she was to busy.

This particular day however, I had made a phonecall in advance a few weeks earlier, saying that I was going to call at such and such a time, on such and such a date telling her that I was coming over to visit and I would give her the necessary date and times of my visit.Now you need to understand here that the number for the church (541)967-8545 is actually connected to the three properties that the Matlands lived in. They actually had fourteen properties at that time.As I explained in another blog entry, NOBODY was allowed to answer the phones as Matlands wanted to keep complete control of all calls both in and out of their buildings.So Maxine's house, George and Andrea's property where the church and soup kitchen and thrift shop are and their apartment was (and which is where George and wife number ten now live)and where the Homeless people's shelter is, all had that same number connected.

I knew that when I had called each time previously, that the Matlands were always present and listening into what was said, and if an awkward question was asked, they would eirther say that it was time to go to church and the conversation ceased, or there would be some other reason that Andrea would have to discontinue my call. So I very soon copped on that I had to be very guarded in what I actually said, but at the same time I had no way of getting her a message because I had found out that the mail was being stolen as well.That was the whole reason that I had said to Andrea on a previous call, that I was coming over for a visit which was six months from the date of this conversation.I knew that I could not afford to go as all my investigating Matlands took every penny that I could lay my hands on.However, I thought that they would have to keep her alive until I had had my visit.I knew that they listened in, so I knew that they would hear this.

Now, let's jump foreward in time to this one particular phone call that I made.Andrea was expecting it because I had told her in the previous call.That way, at least I could hopefully ensure her safety a bit.I have already told you that I hadn't got two halfpennies to rub together, let alone travel to Oregon.Now this call from the start was different but I never copped on until this morning.Gale answered the phone, I was very polite as usual (even though I knew what bastards they were) I said all the right things and then asked to speak to Andrea.Gale said that she would put me straight through.Now this in itself was very unusual, I always had to call two or three times before getting through and that would be over a period of two or three hours between each call, as they would give a set time, knowing that they were not going to put you through until it suited them.

When Andrea came on the phone, she sounded so odd.Now I have written part of this earlier, but like I said, this was just this morning that I thought of this.She sounded like she was doped up.It is only more recently that we know that George was putting tablets into her meals.These were obtained from the people staying at the shelter. The Matlands used to take their medication from them and would dish it out at their convenience.This gave them not only control over the transients, but also whoever else that they were controlling at the time. In this instance, Andrea and her children.Like I just mentioned, Andrea sounded really strange and I had been dreading telling her that my visit had to be postponed.I was simply playing for time so that I could keep her alive and find out more about what the Matlands were into.I said "Hello Andrea" when she came on the phone and she never said hello mom, which was unusual, all she said was that she didn't know where she was.She told me that Gale was looking after the children and she described a long grey wall opposite her room, which had a mailbox in it.She was convinced that she was in Eugene. She said that she had been kept in this room for two weeks.She said that she could not get hold of George, could not talk to her children, she was just left there.

Now this phonecall has bugged the life out of me because it was so strange.This phonecall was something like nine or ten years ago.I will never forget it as long as I live.Because George has had so many wives, I knew that one lived in the area that Andrea thought that she was in.But it's all jolly fine having just a name, it's harder trying to track that person down.Especially via a telephone kiosk.There was more than one woman with the exact same name and so I got a bit of help from a young man in one of the record offices.But we couldn't at that point pin it down to one definate person, because there were no details other than the name.I know now who the other nine wives were, but back then I didn't.But I made a few calls and ruled out other people with that name and knew that Andrea was not in the hospital and not in a room in that area at all as far as I could say at that particular time.She was definately in Sacred Heart hospital at one time, but that is on record, but then this morning it suddenly came to me that she had been driven around Albany only, believing that she was going to Sacred Heart, because that is what the Matlands told her.But in a doped up state, she didn't know where she was, only what she was told.They had kidnapped her so that she was separated yet again from her children, thus giving Matlands control yet again.

You see Matlands did this on several occassions.On one excuse or another, they would bundle her up and sneak her out of the house and into the car and drop her at another house.It could be for a day or two or in this instance a couple of weeks.It was always on the excuse that the police were going to arrest her and were waiting outside for her. It was all worked on fear.This morning, I realised that she was really being kidnapped for a set period of time.Kept in a room away from people until Matlands came and fetched her again.Each time, this was done to separate her from her children.But then I was thinking about the young man who was rescued from Matlands place in Cave Junction by his brothers.Taken to Crescent City in California, to a doctor because of the treatment he had received at Matlands hands, when they were running a Bible School and a church there, and as luck would have it, Matlands told the radio station that this fella had been kidnapped from their church and a news bulletin was put out on the radio.As this fella was in with the doctor, the announcement was made about this kidnapping (which was not a kidnapping, but instead a rescue) and the doctor recognised that this was the fella that he had with him and phoned the Sheriff's office.The Sheriff who was then in office in Cave Junction, drove to Crescent City to bring him back to the Matlands.Can you believe that???

Matlands got away with that crime yet again, but then one has to ask, what did the Matlands do for that Sheriff???One should also ask what the Matlands did for the Sheriff in Albany also, I'd say that we would be opening up a hornet's nest there. One case of trespass is all that is on record in Cave Junction, but there were more crimes of a very violent nature carried out there, plus there were the marriage ceremonies which of course were not worth the paper that they were written on, and terrible abuse on people there, and I am thinking of Gale's husband , who could well be the same young man who I was just mentioning whose brothers tried to rescue him. They (George, Gale and Maxine) all beat him with shovels until he was nearly dead.Now this was all hushed up, and from working out the dates on different records, I think that I know who he was.He did escape in the end, and again nearly died in the attempt, but this time it was because of the weather.But doesn't anybody reading these blogs ever ask themselves what it is that the Matlands do for these officials to make them cover up all their crimes? One kidnapping is serious, one case of arson is serious, beating a man to death surely is serious.Child abuse is serious.Fraud, forgery, illegal marriages, holding people against their will, stealing from the homeless, blackmail, shall I go on? Why are they allowed to do all of this and still do not get prosecuted for any of it except for debts and keeping untidy properties.

And then on top of which, I have only touched on a few crimes in what I have written over the past months, then there was the latest kidnapping.The man is serving time, so it has to have happened.But isn't it a bit of a coincidence that in this particular case, it happened ten days after George's last farce of a marriage, to wife number ten, who has three children.Now ask yourselves this.His marriages are all to people who are mainly single parents. Who eirther end up in the homeless shelter or in one of Matland's apartments. He or Gale, whoever they are aiming to lure into one of these marriages ,woo's that person,and within a few weeks George or Gale marry them.Then they scam everything possible using that person's name, and details.You know the story already.

But let us consider this. This case whereby the Matlands are so desperate to get their hands on people's children.I can understand about the insurance policies on the spouses' life.I can understand them opening accounts in their names, using their surnames and so on for getting property and utilities, so that they don't come out of Matland's own money.I can understand the loans, and using these people for cheap labor along with their children You see, nobody gets a free ride with Matland's. I can understand why Matland's steal their mail, after all, if one is planning on perhaps killing that person, well you wouldn't want the relatives knowing that they were at Matlands.That is why they do their best to prevent outside contact.I can understand them needing to have the odd fire, so as to get the Insurance money.But ask yourselves this.When they have got the parent of the child/children out of the way, by eirther doing it the way they did with Andrea or other people, whose names that I won't put here for fears for what Matlands would do to them, WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THE CHILDREN? It's not as if they love children, because if they did, they would not treat them like they do.If you think along the lines that the officials have all turned their backs on the Matland crimes, Children's Services have turned their backs on all of the children over the years, Gin Dennison (Children's Ombudman) definately turned her back.Brian Posstlebocker most definately did not want to know .You have the child labor offices who simply refused to help the kids.We are talking STATE OFFICES here, not just Linn County.You have the Govenor of Oregon's secretary telling me to go to the newspapers and to carry on doing what I am doing.Ask yourselves this.How the hell would she know what I was doing, being as I never contacted that office before, until I phoned that day? Isn't there one person who is in the Attorney General's office or the Department of Justice's office,(apart from one lady to whom I shall always be grateful) who actually would like to see justice done? For the woman in the Govenor's office to know what I was doing, must mean that I was rocking a few people's boats, if you see what I mean.I have already been told of conversations that I have had and the contents of some of my mail, told to me by a certain person that anybody living in Albany would know, and I had not even spoken to this person before and I only wrote once to his office, in the very beginning.So I certainly posed no threat then.Now the Matlands are trying to collect children again.How can you people of Albany stand by and let the Matlands away with it.And just regarding the last case of Kidnapping, re a six year old child. Isn't it bad enough that the child's mother did not report it to the Police, like any normal mother would, but neither did the Matlands, and namely George Matland I am aiming this at. After all, we all know what a loving, kind and decent, gentle natured father and husband he is (I am jokeing as you may have guessed) why didn't he report it, after all he was the new step father? I think that if the truth be known, this was a kidnapping that went wrong.Think about it?

So with that I will close.I hope that you are all well, and to those that pray, please keep on praying that someday, before it is to late, He will intervene.I think that thirty years of crimes are long enough, don't you?

So to the officials of Oregon, WHAT ARE YOU ALL HIDING??? I will leave you with that thought.

So let me put this again. WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THE CHILDREN??? Talk to you soon.

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