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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

(285) IS THIS LA LA Land ?

Hello Friends,

I meant to write some more of this saga earlier in the week, as I received a bunch of new paperwork to study, but to be honest, on reading it, if I repeated some of the ridulous crap that I read, and had to pay a lot of money for to receive same, I'd get locked up in the mad house.

This is a sincere warning to all of you whose family members get themselves in trouble of some sort in Oregon, and especially Linn County, in Albany.This is for anyone regardless of if it is for a marriage breakup, a Restraining Order, divorce or custody or ordinary crime,the sort that means nothing to the Police or Linn County Courthouse like attempted murder, child abuse, arson and so on. Mind you, something serious like emptying your goldfish bowl and leaving the poor little fish flapping around perhaps they might take seriously and even execute one for, as that would be harmful to the goldfish, screw your chances of getting justice in that god forsaken city, if you are a mere human being.Forget it !!! OK, sarcasm to one side. Seriously talking now. If you or any of your loved ones or friends are unfortunate enough to have some sort of trouble, SEND FOR ALL OF THE PAPERWORK. I know that it costs a lot of money but you could be reading something to save your case, save your child, or just to show you what really is said. Why do these Judges and certain Policemen and Sheriff's and so on believe everything that they are told?

Doesn't the word DETECTIVE mean that that person with that title, is supposed to DETECT what is going on in the investigation.When people are questioned, aren't they supposed to mull over what the accused or the victims tell them and if the answer does not sound correct, then they should investigate that answer.Is that asking to much? I don't think so, do you. Isn't justice reached by not taking everything that the person swears is true, as being true, but by investigating that statement and seeing if it is watertight.Is there evidence to prove it? Who saw what? Who was where, when? Check the statement out.

This is really getting at me. Take the Matland family.They are the biggest bunch of lying bastards walking the earth.Always have been.Just check back over the many, many years that they have been pulling their many different type scams, and OK, so the old Pastor, Maxine is dead.Good riddunce to bad rubbish is all I can say, but there is still the daughter Gale and that equally evil bastard George Jnr. still unfortunatly walking the earth.But George Jnr. has got himself a sidekick. Wife number 10.Well, she would be wife number 10 if she was legally married to him.But of course Maxine was never a Pastor, she only passed herself off as one because by running a church mission and shelter for the Homeless and opening Thrift Shops that they kid the government are for the upkeep of the homeless person's shelter, they do not have to pay property tax for those buildings.And being a church mission and so on, gives them a chance to be fat cat landlords, because they can buy up properties and rent them out to different people and make even more money.So regarding the Matlands, they are doing very nicely thankyou.It is a really great scam. Let's all go and open up churches there and homeless person's shelters and make a load of cash that the tax man can't touch.

George has himself this latest wife whom he married no doubt because she is the absolute living image of my daughter who would have been wife number 9, had she have been legally married to George.But she really definately had no clue that this was an illegal marriage until I wrote and phoned everyone named on the proof of Ordination paper lodged in Josephine County Courthouse.When I found out that the paperwork was purely for fraud purposes and let the relevant offices know, they did what they do best. NOTHING. They do not give a toss.Not only do they not give a toss, they carried on letting the Matlands do more marriages, escape Property tax, buy more property in names got from more illegal marriages, and still they all stayed out of prison for all of their crimes.WHOOPEE! isn't Albany a great place to live? It is a criminal's paradise.Well, if your name is Matland.

But I was originally talking about statements and some of the crap written in them which goes uninvestigated.Now this is awkward to write because of the law,and in this case, who it is regarding.I already said in other blog entries about how George Matland Jnr. attacked my 5 year old grandson.He then grabbed the baby and my daughter begged him not to hurt them again and got into the bedroom, locked themselves in and dialled 911.The cops came and George Jnr. and Maxine gave their version which turned the whole thing around and sounded as though my daughter had attacked George Jnr. In other words the police wrote a statement on what the attacker told them.No mention of George being the attacker on the child at all.Nor was there any mention of that in the Custody/divorce and so on, case. So that was just yet another poor child that he had hurt and still got away with it. But what about this next bit. No names because this is awkward.

Imagine this. You are busy and you are in a very public place and your children are playing and chatting to the people around them. Your children are the type that are very used to men, so it is no problem for them to be overly friendly with them, and some of them being of very dubious character to start with.But they have been brought up around drug addicts and abusers and consequently are used to all types of people.If one of those men stole one or more of your children, right slap bang in front of half a dozen witnesses, and tries to take at least one of them off altogether, wouldn't you, as the child's mother, think to tell the cops?Wouldn't you phone them the minute that you first were suspicious or knew that this man tried to do that? Well, not if you are this woman, it seems. Nope ! She waited until the next day to call the cops.Let me make sure that you understand. The child was definately taken but the witnesses saw and stopped the man from going any further than the yard outside and warned him off of the property. So as there was no shortage of witnesses as to what took place, wouldn't you think that it was a pretty well sewn up case to solve? How much brain power does it take to question half a dozen people who were all standing around. Not much, believe me.

Now, a good few hours have elapsed and mom decides to phone the cops the following day.She makes a statement then at a later time the children are interviewed. Fine. I am sure that the police were as nice to the kids as could be and were very sensitive towards their feelings.They came across as fine policemen, and I am sure that they handled the situation as nicely as was possible.However, something in one of the statements sounded so utterly far and beyond the truth, that although it had to be written down as being part of the statement, I cannot for the life of me, believe that anyone with half a brain actually believed it.What I am saying is, I would believe that this was suggested by a very sick family member and the child was told to add it. And add it they did.The whole point of this entry however, was to point out that anybody can tell the authorities in general absolutely anything, and in the case of the Matlands for instance, it is not questioned.Like the attack on my grandson, and the time George gave my daughter poison, and when he undid all the nuts on the wheels of her car in the hopes that she would get killed.And all of the other things that George and his family did on her and other people at the mission, and the bizarre things that the Matlands had made out had happened regarding anyone that Matlands had decided that they had to get stitched up for one reason or another. WHY DO THE POLICE BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT THE MATLANDS SAY???? And if you are wondering about the title of this blog, La La Land is Albany and the figures 285 are the number of cases that the Police have been called out on for George. SOME PASTOR EH???? And not one could they prove and get him put in prison, and they would say that these are all petty crimes, well had they have ever bothered investigating the real crimes, perhaps he would have been put away donkey's years ago, but I notice that they are not even mentioned. That's Albany for you. I hope that you all have a great weekend. And God Bless you all.

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