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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



How are you all doing today? I'd say that the temperature just went up a hell of a lot here in Kells, because believe me, I am just sitting here boiling with temper. I was asked this morning if George Matland ever hit women? This was asked by someone who is concerned about someone at the mission. I knew that he had raped a woman who was an ex. spouse of his, because she caught him molesting her child, and they tried to escape and he caught them after hunting them down with the rest of his family, all in their own vehicles, and raping her and beating her up, and this was her punishment.And this was condoned by Maxine and Gale.

I knew that he had done a lot of stuff on past other spouses also, but then having said that, each spouse belonging to each Matland all went through hell.But today I just happened to mention this to my daughter and she was saying that when she was pregnant with little George, he had lost his temper with her when Maxine was threatening her, and she was trying to stand up for herself and because she mouthed off at that evil "woman"( that is not the word that I was intending on using) George punched her straight in the stomach whilst she was expecting little George, and it was so hard that she started getting contractions and had to go to the hospital.

So this thing calling himself a Pastor, (which is about as ridiculous as me calling myself the queen of England), is a child abuser, a rapist, a spousal abuser,and loads more.And he has three little girls as step children and my precious little grandson in his care. He won't even let the children go to school.And until I found this out, they weren't even on record for any school or Homeschool, but just shut away with him and the girl's mother.Which just suits George to a tee. He has to be in control. Or at least think that he is.

But surely doesn't it say something about him and his family, when they have each been married so many times. Plus each spouse has had to escape. Even though most of the marriages were just fakes. On the Oregon Marriage License Application forms, it says: Neither you nor your spouse is the property of the other. The laws of the State of Oregon affirm your right to enter into marriage and at the same time to live within the marriage free from violence and abuse.

It is a very sad state of affairs whereby Oregon officials don't read their own laws and practice them in their courts. What is the point of having Police, a Sheriff, a court with Judges, SCF, a Children's Ombudsman, an Attorney General and so on, and let's not forget the DA, who finds it very convenient to cock a deaf ear and not answer his mail, and he is supposed to be the head one at the courthouse !!!!!, if they are so determined not to prosecute the Matlands for their crimes, except for their non payment on properties, having filthy conditions in their slums, owing money and so on. All stuff that they do not go to jail for. Doesn't that strike anyone reading this as strange?

It actually makes one wonder what type of person you have to be, to work as a Judge or DA or in some official capacity, in Linn County, as in other States, they have laws which definately do not condone child abuse, abuse on spouses, or people in general. So what makes Oregon so different? Why would SCF openly tell the court that they were withdrawing from the case. They didn't want to know. I would just love to see what happened if one of the officials' kids landed up in the "Signs of Victory Mission", got treated like my daughter and so many other people did, had their kids abused and used and so on.I bet you it would be a very different story.The police would be there in seconds to rescue them.And Matlands would go to prison for their crimes.

That is a great scam they are running there. Three thrift shops, and are you all daft enough to think that that is money to help fund the mission and help the homeless? Do you actually think for one minute that the Matlands give a damn about any of those homeless families? All they see is what scam they can use them for. Using their Food Stamps for tithing, has to be one of the funniest that I heard of. Then when they were found out, and smacked on the hand for doing that (anybody else would have been prosecuted) they changed that a bit and told the people what food to buy the Matlands with their Food Stamps. That way, Matlands could not be prosecuted.Now that was clever, I have to admit. I even had a little chuckle over that.

Do you know what else sort of struck me as funny? When they had that last fire in January 2003, causing $25,000 in damages at the Mission, and brave George Matland came to the rescue, getting there before the firefighter's arrived (who were only one block away)and said "I almost had it stopped", (when are they giving him his heroes medal I wonder?) and the people of Albany, being kind hearted rallied round with food and so on.And the people went to spend the rest of the night at 208 Seventh Ave., Maxine and George's house. Wow! How kind, considering it doesn't take much working out as to who started it in the first place and who was going to benefit when the insurance finally came through, and then the revelation about three years later as to it being said by Matland that it was a disgruntled guest who got kicked out of the shelter, who started it. Well, I have news for you. They have just supposedly kicked out another disgruntled guest this weekend. Will it be another fire or a robbery or whatever, that he will be accused of? That will be interesting to watch. I have to go for now. Have a very good day, and I really do appreciate all your kind comments and messages. God bless you all.

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