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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello everybody,

Tell me, where is the sense of this. I am on about Restraining Orders yet again, because for the life of me, I cannot see where the mentality of these two so called Judges lies.Was it not bad enough that George Raymond Matland Jnr., of "The Signs of Victory Mission" in Albany, Oregon attacked my grandson, aged 5 years old, had given poison to my daughter just two weeks prior to that, had punched her in the stomach when pregnant thus causing her to get labor pains, and dopped her meals so as to keep her from doing anything much and had taken and hidden the new born baby as punishment for talking to me on the phone,(and did so several other times also), and sent her away with her other child and the Matlands refused to let her take her baby.And he did plenty more both before that and when the Restraining Orders were in force to protect him from her,including undoing the nuts on all four of her car wheels, which was parked outside her house in Lebanon, so that when she went to try and get one of her weekend visits with her child, little George,( and when the Matlands had made him pray that she would get killed on the journey whilst coming to pick him up), well if you see her as a serious threat to his life, I feel very sorry for you two. You would have to be very mentally deluded.How could anybody ever take you seriously?

My God, she was so dangerous to be around, I can see why George, who is 5ft.10 inches tall, 170 lbs. in weight, and would take on any man in a fight, (and did on several occassions), would need protecting from Andrea. She was 5ft. tall, had no nails, as she always has bitten them, was alone with her son and consequently very vulnerable, and was being harrassed and followed on the street by people from the Mission that George and his family set on her. Being harrassed at Supervised Visitation because the Matlands totally disregarded every rule that is supposed to protect one, and they only allowed Visitation on a very spasmodic basis, thus months passed at a time before a visit was allowed, and therefore being in a very vulnerable situation, does it seem likely or sane that the Judge would again give George a Restraining Order so as to protect him from Andrea yet again? And do you know what was written on it, to protect him from this very dangerous woman?

He wrote that she had stolen his batteries, (from where, I should like to know, was it out of his vibrator, or his truck batteries?, how would she really have got either type?)His truck was outside on the street, where ever he was, so how would she get them? Right, the next bit says that she broke his windshield, that he was harrassed at work, the grocery stores and the gas station and made public threats on his life. Does he forget all of the crimes that he did really do on her,and her child, and all of his ex-spouses and the children. Sorry! Rick J. McCormick, stealing ones batteries is really a serious offence, isn't it? Poor George must have felt very threatened.That is much more serious than what he did on Andrea and her sons.And WHO were the witnesses to these threats on his life??? And where are the police reports to back it up?? LIES, LIES, LIES !!! This is the man with a Maschetti, carries a knife, attacked a bloke and broke his skull,whilst in California, who has raped and severely beaten up an ex. wife because she dared to try and escape from him when she caught him molesting her child, like he already molested others, was already arrested for having a weapon and threatening someone with it, has committed countless other crimes including arson and Judge Rick J. McCormick and Judge John A. McCormick, I can see why you would have to protect poor little George from Andrea and let him have the baby.I mean to say, anybody reading this could see why you two, as wise and learned Judges, gave him the two Restraining Orders in 1998 and 1999, to protect him from Andrea, in case she stole his batteries and verbally abused him.

That really is a very hard job that you do, making sure that he is protected? You must feel very proud of yourselves. Do neither of you have a brian? Do you hate children so much that you would have to protect little George from his mother because she steals batteries from his dad? And all without a police report??? I think that you two have been in that job to long.It's about time that you two retired because you are making a mockery of the Justice system.A mockery of Linn County Courthouse, and putting people's lives in danger by keeping the Matlands out of prison for real crimes, something that Albany Police are all to ready to cover up, when it comes to the Matlands.One only has to read the rest of my blog entries to see what else has been going on, and I have not even put in a lot more stuff that they have done.

I wish you all a very good day.If you happen to pray, I ask you to please pray for the three step-children that he has living with him, (but belong to his tenth wife), and my grandson,George Raymond Matland III, whom these two Judges obviously don't give a toss for, nor ever did.And who knows, perhaps one day they might receive divine guidance as to the importance of keeping children safe and in a loving environment.In other words, bashing a toddler's head into a brick wall, is not the kindest of acts that a loving father/step father should do.I wonder if these Judges would have still given George full custody and Restraining Orders, if he had done that to their children? I somehow think not. Have a really good day people.

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