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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Is One Supposed To Do?

Hi Everyone,

I do hope that you had a great weekend. And I certainly hope that your weather is better than it is here.It has been so overcast today and pouring with rain, and then came the gales.Very depressing but then haven't we really got a lot to be so grateful for?

Let us think for a while about this crazy, evil family that I am telling you about.My daughter was still living with George Matland Jnr., this was in January 1998. George gave Andrea the poison to take, when she thought that she was going to be taking Tylanol.He deliberately made her have her dose from the bottle that he kept in his own private cupboard.He gave it to her himself on a spoon.And because it tasted so awful, she swallowed it to get it out of her mouth, thinking that it tasted so bad because perhaps it had gone off. As I have said in another blog, it reacted on her immediately. So suddenly that George got a fright and went to get her milk.He certainly did not get her a doctor or Police I hasten to add, but then he wouldn't would he?But I won't go over all that again, as I already wrote about that.

Two weeks later was the incident whereby the Matlands were doing what they do best. DRINKING THEMSELVES INTO OBLIVION.It was late into the night, the Soup Kitchen was well over and some of the people stayed back for a drinking session and my middle grandson was still working.This was the night that he got attacked by George Jnr., for dareing to go upstairs to be with his mom who was looking after baby George.He shouldn't have left work you see, but he was only a little tot and wanted a rest.George followed and Maxine followed both of them. And George saw him resting, verbally abused him, and attacked him by kicking the chair that he was sitting on, from under him and grabbing his head as he fell and bashed it into the wall.And I have already written about that and how she and this child had to escape. The baby had been picked up by George Jnr. and whatever George told the Police when he took them on one side, they believed him and told him to take the baby for the night and go and stay at his mothers so that things could calm down. But as luck would have it, a kind neighbour realised what was happening and came to the rescue, telling them that he had seen this all before and that she had to get out there and then, whilst she still could. She thought that she would be able to pick the baby up next morning.

In Oregon there is a law that says that if one parent is the abuser, then that child automatically goes to the parent who is the non-abuser.Now that would seem sensible as long as you don't live in Albany, Oregon, or that your name is not Matland, because there is a whole set of different rules where that family is concerned.It's called NO RULES! And Jason Carlile, District attorney and the Police and SCF, all bow and scrape to keep this all a secret.Nobody is going to upset the Matlands.But let me move on a bit.

I already said about how George Jnr. had the cheek to get a Restraining Order against Andrea, accusing her of being the one who was doing the attacking, and as George is so well versed in the court,(after ten wives, you would be) knew that his would come through quicker than hers because Benton County take 24 hours. Whereas George got his imediately, thus allowing him to have temporary custody of the baby.However she had to get different stuff sorted and a bit down the line she had to talk to Children's Services in Albany.She was trying to get an apartment in Albany, but because of the Restraining Order could not go near the Matlands property. Plus months went past before she could even get to visit little George. She could not find an attorney who would take her case.Matlands had used just about every attorney and not paid most of them. They kept saying that it was a conflict of interest and so here she was, no attorney, she had left Matlands pennyless,and although she had got some sort of welfare help, it only tides one over. Plus she had kept her son at the same school as he was happy there and she didn't want to cause him any more upset than possible so travelled between Corvallis and Albany each day.

Anyway, this particular day, whilst still at the shelter for battered wives, she went to SCF in Albany.She saw a woman by the name of Rose Infonte.This woman was as bigger bitch as it was possible to be, who had some hangup about Andrea's nationality.She was asking Andrea how she was going to get an apartment with hardly any money, and was questioning her like it was an interrogation.She was under terrible stress from all that Matlands had done to her and the children,and no proper home at that time, and the bus service was not the best and consequently they were leaving home very early each morning so as to get to the school on time in Albany, so she was very warn down and emotionally at rock bottom.But was trying to keep things together.This bitch got her into such a state , on top of which when she asked Andrea how much she was going to look for an apartment for, and Andrea told her $350 per month, she retorted, "You'll only get a skanky apartment for that and you will never get your child back".She was yelling at her.What sort of person "I can't call her an animal as that is an insult to animals" carries on like that, like a complete lunatic, to somebody who is so stressed out to start with? How the hell did this "THING" get a job in the first place?She was going on about her Green Card and asked where hers was, and yet Andrea is totally legal.So what is this "THING'S problem? And how did she ever get a job working with human beings?

When Andrea got back to the shelter in Corvallis, she was so ill that evening that she was rushed off to hospital with a suspected heart attack. When I phoned that night, the women working there were so worried because I was so far away, that they didn't tell me how bad she was, but then when I called the following day I learnt what had happened.Well, needless to say I phoned SCF. talked to this bitch, talked to one higher and tried to get hold of the man, who at that time was over Linn and Benton County called Pat Melius. I even called him on the emergency number. I was totally ignored. Now Diane Aspengren is the one who is the head one now, and between her and Peggy Davis, covered up what was going on at the mission. I have photos of little George whereby sidefaced you can see where he was punched so hard in the mouth, that the split is deep. I have photos where he had burns, and bruises, was filthy, clothes sticky with dirt. He was full of fleas. Matlands did everything possible (once the court gave her "Supervised Visitation", as if she was the guilty party) to prevent any visitation on Andrea's part. They used a house that Gale and her child sex abuser of a boyfriend squatted in, for Visitation, and Maxine and George hid upstairs in it and men from the Mission hovered around the house to intimidate her and her son.George Jnr. did things like hanging a notice outside saying "Gone Fishing" and did other things all so she couldn't see her baby.He pulled every trick in the book to screw up visits.They even brainwashed the child by telling him that Gale was his mother and that Andrea was not.But I do believe that that also was for purposes of fraud.

A couple of women who were staying at the Mission were in the Soup Kitchen at Matlands one day when they saw baby George on the floor with his dinner. But he was not eating it, so George Jnr., got him by the arm, put his foot under him and carried him hanging like that.These women, who had never met Andrea as this was a good while later, were so shocked at how he treated baby George that they went to SCF and reported what they had seen, to Diane Aspengren. All that woman said was, "Go tell his mother" and did nothing.

A good while later Andrea heard from a neighbour that her divorce was in the newspaper.Her letter from the court was conveniently stolen from her mailbox telling her of the date and time. And who do we know that is into stealing people's mail? George Matland and he would know when it came because he would have had a copy himself.So she never got to go to her divorce, but then she was never really married to George in the first place, because his mother Maxine did the service.Like she did with several of his other wives. And George had done the service on Maxine when she was getting married to another spouse. And George or Maxine would do the service for Gale, when she was getting married.Mind you she also had her fair share of spouses also. Now what, one wonders is so special about getting married illegaly in Albany and why would Linn County Courthouse go ahead with these divorces knowing that they were illegal? On top of which, why would Oregon Vital Statistics knowingly not only leave these records on file, but allow the Matlands to carry on doing these marriages. But here is the worst bit, and even I cannot understand why Gale and George would go along with this.How could Gale let her own children marry lads that they really seem to love,and have a full and proper reception and beautiful dresses, and the whole bit, KNOWING THAT THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE PAPER THAT THEY ARE WRITTEN ON? Now that actually was heartbreaking to hear,and these marriages took place in 2006, and I don't even know the girls to talk to or if they have been told.I know that the courthouse knows because I told them, but I doubt that Matlands will get prosecuted for those marriages either.But I can tell you something. Nobody goes through the cost of marrying and divorcing, knowing the marriages to be illegal, without there being a seriously lucrative scam involved.And Matlands have been doing these marriages on each other and people who pay them who think that they are really getting married, for 30 years.George did the ceremonies on the girls last year .And he is a minister of nothing. More tomorrow.

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