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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Prison Without Bars.

Hello friends,

I didn't realize just how many kind people there are in the world, until I started doing these web pages. So on behalf of my daughter and her family and myself, I thank you.May God bless you all, always.And although he is not allowed to speak for himself, I know in my heart that my grandson, who is still in the care(if you can call it that) of that vile family by the name of Matland, of whom I have been telling you about, would be thanking you also.But of course, he probably does not remember the name of his mother because by now I should think that he has been well and truly brainwashed into believing that the woman his father is in an illegal marriage with now, is probably his mother.And also, going back to when he was a toddler, they had brainwashed him into believing that his dad's sister Gale was his mother.At one of the very few times that Visitation was allowed, he actually shyed away from her saying "You are not my mommy, Gale is".Can you imagine how my daughter felt?

Not only had she been poisoned by George Raymond Matland Jnr.when he gave her what she thought was Tylanol medicine off of a teaspoon, from his own private locked cupboard, even though there was still enough left in the bottle in the medicine cabinet.So he has to have intended on poisoning her because he absolutely insisted that she had it from the fresh bottle which he kept locked away.But on top of that, there was the time in the hospital when little George was born by C-Section, and minutes later when I called the hospital and they put me through to my daughter,who was so excited and happy to have her newborn son and was telling me of the birth. George came into where she was lying and saw her on the phone.He asked who it was and she told him that it was her mother and after a few words from him, he went mental at her, in front of the hospital staff, for dareing to talk to me. And when she was released from hospital, as a punishment, he took and hid the newborn baby for three days.She could not feed him or do anything about it. She had no money, that was not allowed, she could not use the phone, that was forbidden and so she was absolutely stuck in Albany, in the prison without bars.She could not associate with people from the homeless shelter that the Matlands ran, and although she would have been allowed to go to a certain supermarket,she was told what to buy and given the money for that. But mostly all their clothes, food and basic requirements came from donations and if she ran out of diapers they would not give her the money, she had to pick up cans in the street to pay for them.

On top of this on several occassions she had been whisked out of the back door into a car, with the Matlands telling her that the Police were waiting outside to arrest her. She had done nothing, but they had her convinced that the Police were after her.One time she was put in the boot of the car.But on these occassions, she did not return until days later.And if you follow this blog, you will know how Matlands did everything possible to separate her from the baby.Plus of course all of the other crimes that they were doing, some of which are mentioned , and others which I am just holding back on because one way or another, the Matlands will be going to prison for a very long time.

Here is one of the problems with this family.Because they have become so good at what they do, they know just how to turn their crimes back onto the innocent parties.Take the cases of arson for instance. They turn that back onto whoever has just left, or it couldn't be proved, or that they have had a row with.The crimes of fraud and forgery are turned around.Anything forged was down to Gale. She was trained in California,and very good at it. Cases of arson was George.Buying properties was Maxine's game.I found fourteen back back when I first got into investigating them, mostly let out as apartments, but all were slums of the highest degree.Maxine was the (fake) Pastor and played it to the hilt.George was a Minister(fake) and played his part well.Now that everyone knows that they are fakes, they pass the Mission off as a charity.But of course the charity is themselves.But on top of which on some paperwork , they are passing the mission off as a place that employs nine people.There must be some sort of Government payment for employing people, because, you had better believe it, if there is a scam to get money, they will know about it.For a non-profit organisation, they are doing very well.

How on earth could nine people be employed running that disgusting, slum which they pass of as a homeless person's shelter.It should be called a prison for the vulnerable.And talking about prisons without bars,what do you reckon on this? Going back after George had attacked my middle grandson when only five years old, because he was so tired from working in the Soup Kitchen that they run, and the Matlands had a few people stay back and were on one of their alcoholic binges, he wanted to rest awhile and went upstairs to be with his Mom, who was looking after little George.Big George had followed him up to the apartment and verbally abused him for leaving work and then kicked the chair from under him, and as he fell, he grabbed the childs' head and bashed it into the wall.Andrea ran to call the Police and Maxine threatened to kill her, but she managed to make the call and George took these two Policemen to one side and said some crap along the lines that she had attacked him by clawing him. She used to bite her nails, how could she claw him.Don't the Police get any training? Wouldn't they surely look at the claw marks? Wouldn't they look at her nails? George had grabbed the baby up in his arms so that Andrea couldn't hold him and the police took George's word for gospel.They asked the child if he was OK. What was he supposed to say. George would only attack him again afterwards if he had spoken up against him.None of the children would speak up against the Matlands. They would fear for their lives. On top of which, nobody else would see the punches because they used to punch them up and under the ribs.That way there are no bruises that show at school. Although one day, Gales son was seen to have terrible bruising all over, but around his throat also.And what did the school do? They phoned Gale and the tale she told was that her latest, very violent and child sex abusing boyfriend(who thought that he was her husband, as he went through another of Matlands ceremonies)had not been used to being around children and had been teaching him to wrestle and was a bit heavy handed.

Now this same man was very violent, punched so hard that there was an actual deep dent in a wall in the building that they used as the church, and was sexually abusing Gales little girl for years,the Matlands all in the full knowledge that he was doing this, and it was common knowledge in the shelter and in the local area in Albany.But what I was also going to say was that when George's marriage(fake) was over and my daughter and middle son had escaped on the night of the attack on her son, and George still had little George, at one time a good while after this, and after inexplicable bruises and burns had been seen and little George could talk in sentences, he actually told her how he had his own room in Maxine's house.He had some toys(all donated, secondhand) and his bed, and a television, and was given food, and could go to the pottie, and I expect that you are thinking that the Matlands must be very kind to give him all that. Except I forgot to mention that this was his room to live in.On his own and the door locked. His own prison without bars.Now what does that say about this family? And what does it say for the Albany and Oregon officials who cover all this up? More to come soon.Thanks for reading this and have a really good day.

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