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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Matland Properties

Or should i say "HELL HOLES"

This is 131 6th Street, a squat on Matland's properties,which had been in too bad a condition for even Maxine to rent out.This photo was taken a few days after the first Supervised Visitation took place. Gale and Donovan and her three children moved in here so as to get money together to buy a different property.

This is where my Grandson and Daughter were so intimidated on the rare occasion that they were allowed a visit, because they would cancel for no proper reason or in one case they arrived and there was a notice on the door simply saying,"Gone Fishing".Men from the shelter used to hang around here so that they had to pass them to get into the house, and Maxine and Donovan and Gale used to be here also. It was all done so as to put the fear of God into them, even though this was a place that the court wanted Visitation to take place.

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