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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



How are you all today? Well, it is not to often that I can say how beautiful the weather here is, but today is just like Spring. We have blue skies and sunshine. I do hope that your day is as lovely as ours is.

I expect that you wonder what the title of this blog entry means. Well, as much as I hate to think about this man and what he said, because it sickens me to think that he was doing a job whereby he was serving the Public.His name is Lieut. Phil McLain ( I hope that that is the correct spelling).My guts burn up when I think about him.If he is representative of Albany Police Department, no wonder nothing gets done about the Matlands. Now here is why I am so mad at him.

It is worrying enough when you realize as a parent, that your child and your grandchildren are in a very bad situation, and being so far away, it is very awkward getting things done, and with the Matlands not only brainwashing Andrea into believing that I was evil, and keeping her away from people as much as they could, I was finding it quite hard to get anything accomplished. Anyway, I had sent for copies of different paperwork and made goodness knows how many phonecalls to various places in Oregon, but this particular time I had recieved newspapers on different articles that I wanted to read regarding the Matlands. So when I saw the front page of the Democrat Herald regarding the filth and squalor of just one of their many properties, I was absolutely horrified to think that people actually lived in these places and paid rent to the Matlands for same.

Now when we get this sorted, in the next couple of days or so, you will be able to see for yourselves exactly what I am talking about, and boy oh boy, would you be worried if you had friends or relatives living in one of Matlands properties, they are the most disgusting places that you could imagine, and although they never get prosecuted for crimes of fraud and violence and so on, the court have tried sueing them for the out and out filth that the tenents live in, and the state of the property outside also.Now let me just say, so that you understand about the filth and so on. The front page showed how the rubbish/trash was just piled up everywhere.It was like a rat infested pit, because everything was just thrown there. The place was nothing more than a run down slum of the worst kind imaginable. The newspaper must have taken it seriously because there were several more articles inside the paper with photos, Editor's comments and so on, showing raw sewage coming up through the floors and running alive with cockroaches so badly, that it appeared as though the top of the walls had a freeze going around them, but it was alive!!! And moving!!!

Anyway, because I had not been able to talk to Andrea for a while, I was seriously worried as to what was going on there regarding her and the children.So I called the Police dept., and got this Phil McLain.When I had seen the photos of the sewage coming up through the floors, it struck me that after things I was told about Cave Junction, when they lived there, that perhaps the reason for the pipes being broken was because they were clogged up , and I wasn't thinking of sewage.And knowing the Matlands love of Life policies , it seemed possible that there was all the more of a reason to worry.

So anyhow, I explained how worried I was to this policeman and because I had not been able to talk to my daughter at all for such a long while, I remarked that perhaps the pipes were broken or blocked up because Matlands could have hidden their bodies under the floor.Well, he replied, "Ma'am, I don't care if your daughter is dead,or is buried under the floorboards, because I am still not going to that house". So when I heard his attitude, I said that I didn't think that there was much point in carrying on with this conversation and he said "No!" and that was that.Such care and concern! ! ! I wonder what gutter he was raised in?

Now please don't think that I am saying that about all of Albany Police, because there are more than a couple of very decent men there.Ones who go to extreme lengths, in their own time, to help find out stuff, and the reason that I am not naming them here is because I would not want the other police treating them badly for being decent. Because, believe me, they would.

If you watch the photo section on the blog, sometime over the weekend, we will get some photos on there, so that you can see exactly what I am talking about here in these blog entries.I was reading over the Restraining Order that George went to court for, against Andrea, when it was HE who attacked my other grandson for not working hard enoughlate at night, and with the evil old bitch who was his mother,(the Pastor) and both well drunk, went upstairs after the boy, and George attacked him by kicking his chair from under him and grabbed his head and bashed it into the wall. Well, I was also reading one of the letters explaining to one of the people in Albany,about that night, and how Andrea had, after this attack by George, pulled her son behind her, so as to try and protect him from George just after this attack, and how she was begging him not to beat her, and they managed to get into the bedroom long enough to call the Police. But George waylaid the two policeman and told them that Andrea was the attacker, and how she had thrown knives around the place and clawed George and these two stupid idiots took George's word for it, and as if that was not bad enough after the events of the attack, these two policemen, didn't look for evidence to see if there were knives around, didn't ask George Raymond Matland Jnr. to show them where she had clawed him, and George went the following day and got a Restraining Order against Andrea so that she could not come near him or baby George for months and as if it was not bad enough that he had blatently lied in court to Judge John McCormick, he got his Restraining Order renewed again the following year, so that he still could keep her away.But although Judge Holcomb in Benton County granted Andrea a Restraining Order for the following day against George, because of his attack on the child, and wanted her little boy picked up by the Police (as George was the attacker) for whatever reason, the case was turned over to Linn County and Andrea lost out on everything, because in Linn County, Matlands can't go wrong.

So in other words, Judge John McCormick gave George his Restraining Order so that he could carry on abusing children, and there is no other way of putting this.They completely disregarded Judge Holcomb in favor of that bastard, who has carried out more crimes of violence on men, women and children, than he has had hot dinners, as the saying goes.And he allowed Gale (then going by the surname of Cabrera) and her child molesting animal of an abuser,serve court papers on Andrea and made Gale the one to supervise visitation, even though Maxine used to do that as well.But Maxine did whatever she wanted to do anyway. In other words, that Judge handed over that toddler to be abused as and when they wanted.And each Judge, bar one only, carried on allowing this to happen.And with the one decent Judge in that Court, George wrote him a letter complaining because he would not give Andrea's address to him.George could not bear to not know exactly where she was living, but for her safety this Judge witheld it and said in the paperwork, that it was to remain witheld. But George's attorney on Sixth Avenue, Edward Daniels, got it for him, and so George carried on terrorising her.That man has absolutely no scruples whatsoever.And the court made him Mediator, how is that fair???And when I reported him to Oregon State Bar, for knowingly doing a divorce for a marriage that was not legal, he offered to take the woman doing this enquiry out to dinner so that he could talk things over with her.I mean to say, how legal is that?And he got away with not having done anything wrong.Well People, should I be surprised? ? ? But what goes round, comes round.Well, that is how the saying goes.

So I don't know about the people reading this, but Andrea could not get one attorney in Albany to take her case.Not until well after the whole thing was done, then she did get an Attorney but that was on a scheme whereby one pays a set amount to him, but nobody bothers to wonder how one is supposed to get this money from when all that the Matlands had put her through with the poisoning and the tablets in her meals and so on. When they heard that it was the Matlands it seems that they have had so many attorneys and not paid them, that they had to go looking in other places to take their cases.And the Matlands would sue one for looking at them wrong.

Whatever way one looks at this case and how it has all been handled, there are an awful lot of things wrong and laws broken. And there are a lot of Linn County people who are covering up the way they have performed in their jobs. We were told by someone, who shall remain nameless, that if this ever went public, a lot of people would lose their jobs.There is a lot more going on here than just Andrea and the Matlands' case.And there are definately people in key positions in Albany but Oregon in general, who should not sit in their seats of office or get to comfortable, because you just never know what is around the corner waiting to bite you in the ass.

I shall finish on that. I do hope that you have a very nice weekend, and whilst you are having a fun time with your children, whether it be Visitation or just ordinary families, give a thought to little George and his real mom, and how she is pining for him and just longing to cuddle him up and protect him and make him feel safe and loved once again and to be the child that he is and not a workhorse for the Matlands.

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