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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,

Well it has been a lovely sunny day today here in the Republic of Ireland. I do hope that wherever you are living, that you have had a nice day also.And if it wasn't, I hope that, as the Mormon hymn goes, "There is sunshine in your soul today!' That used to be my favourite hymn and gave me such a boost when we sung that. And I would have to add here also, that 'Proud to be an American' by Lee Greenwood, is one song that I sing over and over , and I am as English as they come, but in my heart, since a tiny child, I would have been an American.And if I could, I still would. I would at least be able to see my little grandson, George Raymond Matland III. If only from across the road, because as sure as eggs are eggs, big George would soon get something done on me, so that I couldn't see him again. Mind you, having said that, I'll bet that he has thought of a few things that he would like to do on me, since I came into their lives and started investigating them all those years ago.

George has to be very sick in the head to be as evil as he is. Ten wives and nine have gone. What does that say about him. Why he was so desperate to keep little George, I cannot really understand, because one of his other wives thought that she was pregnant by him, and he did everything to dissociate himself from the baby, and that held that divorce up. But he treats his women so badly that they have no other way of getting away from him, and so have to escape.It's not just him that they are escaping from, going back before Maxine popped her clogs, each spouse had to escape from the rest of the family as well.But that goes for Gales' spouses also and Maxines' as well.Do you know something? In California, one of Gales' husbands was ganged up on by all three Matlands and they beat the crap out of him by using shovels. I mean to say, can you imagine what he suffered at their hands? But it is amazing to me, and I really cannot understand why they get out of being arrested. Not being a criminal myself, my mind does not work like theirs does.I can understand why they escaped prosecution in Cave Junction, Oregon. And that goes for all the fraud and cruelty and everything that happened there, involving kidnap, child and spousal abuse and there was arson of course, and whatever else they were doing there, but that is because the Sheriff's dept., were involved, as were two fellas who worked for Matland's as "heavies", is that what you call them in America? Now that is definate. But I just don't understand why they didn't get arrested in any of the different places in California that they lived. I know that one Sheriff was desperate to get them, but somehow missed them when they did a runner.How true it was that they were kicked out of Arizona or not, I don't know. But this investigating them from here, is not as easy as one would think. It is very time consuming, and very costly, but I am a very determined person, and if somebody hurts me or mine, then you can guarantee it, that I will get my info., one way or another and that Matlands will be exposed and I am damned if they are going to keep wrecking people's lives.

The Matlands sit there in Albany, thinking that they can keep their crimes going, and be protected from arrest, no matter how many men, women and children that they hurt. Well, they want to think again because one way or another they will be brought to justice. But then where does that leave the people that have been covering for them? Don't they deserve to be exposed also for making a mockery of American justice? This tight little group of people running Albany.And I won't even go higher up the ladder to the State offices and what goes on there behind closed doors. Well, not in todays blog entry.But whatever way one looks at it, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING and he is alive and well and turning a blind eye to what is going on in Oregon.Well, I have news for them. Nobody f---- with my family, and BIG SISTER IS ALIVE AND WELL AND MOST DEFINATELY WATCHING! Have a good day.

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