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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picture This ! ! !

Hello Again,

Picture this. You have already read in this blog, how George Matland Jnr. verbally attacked Andrea just minutes after having had a C-Section and producing a beautiful baby son.His first and only child that we know of, so one would imagine that he would be delighted and in a loving frame of mind.Also, after having had eight previous wives, all who it turned out to be ,that he had treated them in such an abominable way that each had had to escape so as to save their lives for fear of what the Matland family would do to them, that no other babies seem to have been born with him being the father.Plus he was in his mid forties at the time of this marriage, and was most definately an ugly, evil looking, rednecked cretin, so would hardly be getting the chance to be with many other women as he got older, not unless they were into the same sort of crimes that Matlands were into.Otherwise there would be no point.But my daughter loved him at that time, and as the saying goes "Love is blind".

I mentioned that she was forbidden outside contact with nearly everybody, was left with no money and her Food Stamps taken, thus leaving her dependent on George , but then as he was doping her up via her food, he had her exactly where he wanted her and her other sons.So following the phonecall that I had made to the hospital just as the baby had been born, and him blowing a fuse right there in front of the hospital staff, for talking to me, he had a plan to teach her a lesson for when she came out of hospital.

And you will find this hard to believe what he had planned to pay her back.On the day that she came out of hospital, he took and hid the newborn baby for three days so that she could not see him.Now what kind of animal (I shouldn't call him an animal because that is an insult to them, and he was worse) would do that to the mother of his first child? There was nothing she could do at the time as of course she had no money or way of getting away from him to a different place with the boys, so she had to sit it out.Plus there was the other two dogs to make sure that she went nowhere. Did I say DOGS? I meant Maxine and GaleThe two sickos who openly allowed child sex, as did George.They actually talked about it openly and this was known by people staying at the shelter.And the talk of the area.I can only say here that one child was involved, and it went on for years, but Matlands condoned this although I do know that George was worried about the situation.Not that he had any room to talk, because if prior spouses were questioned, there was some very strange stories that had happened to their children and in one case that I know of, when he was caught actually sexually abusing a child by it's mother and she tried to escape, all three Matlands went out like you see in the cowboy films, in a posse. They each got in their vehicles and tried to track her and her child down. George found them, got them back to the house and beat and raped her so badly that she went nowhere for a couple of weeks, and all that time he was taunting her.When this girl told Maxine (the pretend pastor) all she said was" if he did that to you, then you must have deserved it).

Going back to my daughter and the baby being taken, she got him back after the three days, but they took him again whenever she did something that displeased them.Not only that, they had her convinced that the Police wanted to arrest her.Every so often they would say that the police were parked up outside the front of the church, where her and George and the boys had an apartment over the Thrift shop/Church and then they would bundle her up and bring her out through the back way and take her to another house.They even put her in the boot of the car one day to get her away.But they would keep the baby.Sometimes she would be gone for two or three days.Then they would bring her back.

Another thing that Matlands would be well known for doing, is putting the Utilities in people at the Mission's names.Running up bills for clothes would be Gales' thing and she would even say that she had done it.The Utility people would send the bills, there would be no response and then after a while, they would try and prosecute. That is when the person whose name they had used, would realize what had happened.My daughter was not even married to George, or living in the address that they used on this one particular bill, and Gale was out there spending money freely in my daughter's name.Life policies was another thing that George was into. He tried to get Life policies on each wife.Now as to whether they knew this or not, I don't know. But he definately took out the policies.

It was as if each Matland was responsible for certain crimes.Maxine was out and out into getting properties. Also she would have been a big part of the violence on any of the spouses, but they were known to all join in.I can't say that that is for every case of violence, but I know from other spouses that she seemed to be really into the violence.She even sat and openly discussed how they wanted to kill Gales spouse(well, he thought he was her souse)with George ,and my daughter was sitting there in the car listening. It was as if it meant nothing. But then, it probably didn't because I was assured by families prior to them being in Albany, that they had turned into pusseycats compared to where they had come from before.

Now how low is this? Those poor homeless people didn't know what they were letting themselves in for by going to that Homeless shelter.They used to get the children to rob their belongings and what they used to do was to put a bin liner in the basement at the bottom of the shute and then as the stuff of any use was robbed, they would just send it down and it would go straight into a bin bag.And could the homeless people do anything about it? Not likely.Would you take on three violent, sadistic sicko's like them? I don't think so.

I have to finish for now, but I have a really funny blog for tomorrow. Well, it is funny if you were not the ones involved.Have a great day.

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