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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hi to all my friends,

I just had to write this entry because to me, as a fairly normal sane person, this newspaper defies belief.I am talking about the Democrat Herald in Albany, Oregon.It is bad enough that their articles regarding the truth behind the Matland family are biased so much in their favor and that they only print what it is safe to print, but when it comes to them writing articles almost begging for help on the Matlands' behalf, come on Mr Editor, where is your common sense? I would have thought that as a journalist, you would have been taught to first check your stories for facts, or at least something resembling them, before writing them.

You said that the Matlands needed $12,700.00 for monies owing in backpayments to save their' Signs of Victory Mission'. Also that that family were allowed to place collection boxes in various shops so that the locals could donate money out of their hard earned wages, so as to help pay this debt and save the Matlands' property yet again.How many years have this family been taking the people of Albany, Oregon for a ride? They do not pay their bills for these properties. They use that money for their own ends and then come begging and crying to the citizens of Oregon to come and save them yet again, and again, and again, and again and have done since they first opened in Albany in the early 1980's.

You only have to look in this newspapers' archives to see how many times they have been taken to court for non payment on all of their many properties. And what do they do in times of terrible adversity? They go and get yet another property.Now tell me who is the stupid one? It's not me is it? I didn't donate to their farse of a church or their homeless people's shelter, or their thrift shops (Yes, all three of them).All three of which run because people are donating free of charge, all of the goods contained within.And if they are not donated, well it is goods that have been repossessed in lieu of payments that the poor people residing in their Matland slums, have had taken to make up for the lack of rent.So it is one law for the Matlands and another for the poor staying in their premises.

So, they feed the homeless. WOW! great. But the food is donated also. So, oh! !!! that is something else that the Matlands did not have to pay for. Well they clothe the homeless you might say. Excuse me, those clothes were all donated. OK!!!! Let me just mention the fact that Maxine was never a pastor and that George never was one either.Doesn't there seem something a bit wrong with this saga?? A pastor who is not a pastor, runs a church that is not a church, who performs marriage ceremonies which are therefore not marriages (but they are quick enough to charge you for this service) and then they buy properties to rent to people , using as many people as they can to fit into the apartments and then charge them rent.However, if they are not paying the payments on their properties, but they are collecting the rents, and God help you if you owe them money because they will take your goods, then doesn't this all sound a bit one sided?.Vehicles, furniture and whatever else takes their fancy is what they will take from you to pay for the rent that you are supposed to give to them to pay for their properties with. Except they are not making those payments, are they??? Plus as they are tax exempt because the stupid tax man thinks that they are running a shelter for the homeless and a church, that is just something else that they don't have to pay.

"The Lord will provide", that is what the Matlands say when they have a problem.Excuse me, it wasn't the Lord who set fire to the homeless people's shelter at 705 Lyon Street, was it?If the Lord was in any way behind the Matlands and what they preach, why is it that they are about to flit?Your dollars and cents given from the goodness of your hearts, and those big donations from anonymous donars which it was said in the Democrat Herald, was about enough to pay in full what was owed, is total and utter lies. And that is what the Matlands told the Democrat Herald and because they don't check their facts before printing an article, who is left with egg on their faces? Not the Matlands. I am sure that they are delighted with all the money that you all donated.After all, Gale has to make payments on her two properties that she is buying for herself, and she is tax exempt as well and proffessing to have 21 people staying at her house.I'd love to stand outside her house and count them.I think that we would find it a very different story.

Plus you should take a look at what the Matlands are having to pay for their shop in Corvallis. That was no cheap property by any means.I'd also be inclined to check out if any of these people staying at Gales house just happened to coincidentally be in any of the illegal marriages which George Matland performed the ceremonies on within weeks of each other, in 2006 on Gales' own daughters and son.Please do not think that I am in any way saying anything against them, because I am not. I think that they are totally oblivious to the crimes going on at the mission and that their family are just pure and utter frauds and very violent into the bargain.

However, back to this Matland family.On top of all that they do not pay, they are very quick to collect any grants, or handouts that are given to the homeless or people who run shelters of this nature, plus of course there is the question of the different bank accounts and other accounts which are opened up in names that they should not legally be using. And tell me also about this fascination (for want of a better word) for trying to get people's children.And why would they so blatently refuse to let these children go to a proper school or have contact with the outside world? And why are we not allowed any contact whatsoever with them, and they totally ignore the court's rulings? Forget Custody laws, they do not exist at this mission.And when will Albany (Linn County Courthouse) police, Childrens Services and all of the services who are supposed to run a city, have the balls to stand up and do their job and stop covering up the many, many crimes that are taking place at this so called farse of a church? This is regarding men, women, children, government payments and Food Stamps, and taxes, and so on. You name it, they do it.

I read an excellent article this morning that was in my mailbox regarding the Freemasons and where they stand regarding their beliefs and the religions of those who are initiated into their secret society.It certainly would make one wonder in Oregon,and especially in Linn County, who is also in the Freemasons and what they are protecting and why.I think that this is a line of thought worth pursuing.And the reason I say that is because not one of the heads of the different departments will go against the others to expose what this Matland family are doing, which to my mind shows that the Matlands have to be providing some service by being in Albany, that prevents them from being treated like normal citizens, which if they committed just one of the crimes, would be thrown into prison and the key lost. Think about it !!!!

I wish you all a very good day and thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my blog.I think that to get the Matlands brought to justice, it will take a very brave attorney who probably would need to live on a totally different planet, because I would fear for his safety.But to the decent, ordinary citizens of Albany and Oregon in general, you need to start questioning exactly what the officialls are really hiding.Perhaps one of these days, we should go into some of what is really going on in Oregon.I'll talk to you soon.

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