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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Not Wolves

* Sorry

The old biblical "wolves in sheeps clothing", seems to define all to well many so called christians these days. From the rightwing, zionist, extremists to the suburban bigbox congregation, super consumers in their supersized SUV's.

Less like wolves.....more like braying jackasses clad in silk and gold (no offence to donkeys).....YUK

* Signs of WHAT? CJ Surpless on CJ! I was so glad I ran into tou, and let me just say that your assessment of "Signs of Victory"is 100% correct. I know, becaus I spent quite a while there in that hell hole. Maxine IS NO MINISTER!!!!!She is top rate Con arest who cant wait to take even a homeless persons possesions. . I remember one day working in a delapitated old warehouse bulding wooden palletts, and loading them by hand on the back of a big flatbed truck. It was so hot that I actually got heatstroke.Maxine's son was "the boss", and he would not even let me go to the hospitel, probebly becaus he did'nt want me to start giving information on what was going on there. It was the quentesential sweat shop. I went to hospitel anyway, and when I was fisished and starte back twords the roach infested shelter, Maxine came driveing by, shouting out an open window. "I think you need to find another place to stay, so, I did. The real sad part of all of this is the fact that Maxine actually thinks she is a minister,so,i say to Maxine, YOU ARE A STUMBLING BLOCK TO THOSE WHO ARE SEEKING CHRIST! yOU ARE A CHRISTIAN EMBARRASSMENT.YOU DONT HELP THE POOR, YOU LINE YOU POCKETD AND AND HIDE UNDER THE TITLE MINISTER. IT so happens, that I to have a ministry to the homeless. A short time ago I was ordained a Minister and so I give to the needy the free gift if Christ, thats the wy it should be done. What you are doing is against the Law Maxine Rev.Edward Leach

503 659 1923
15965 SE Alpenglade, Milwaukie Oregon, 97267 Its all true!
* Brakster
Whadya know!

It came to my mind that as evil as maxine matland is, someone must have posted something about her somewhere, so I googled pastor maxine.
I couldn't have been happier because when it came up [pastor maxine a ministry of pure evil] I knew I had found the right pastor maxine!
It was 9 years ago that I fell into her evil clutches, and the experience is forever etched in my brain.
I did the dishes, cleaned the dining area, stocked maxines personal freezer with t bones, waited outside in the rain before dinner, laoded their flatbed with junk ect. All after a 12 hour day of referbishing pallets, just to be yelled at by maxine and her pit bull of an assistant fred.
Fred was a muscular and extreamley agrressive young man that had just been released from prison. He would treat us all very badly and and would scold us in maxines name for just about anything. He had a girlfreind that was living in his room with him at the mission with maxines blessing but they werrent married yet. She was attractive, but slow, and I think fred took advantage of that. If anyone knows anything about that situation feel free to share.
It seams to fit a pattern!
We had to ask maxines permision to go across the street to the frosty freeze, and if she wasn't available at the mission to ask, we simply couldn't go.
We had to attend her church service on sunday at what is now the soup kitchen, and believe me, it was terrible! It gives me shivers just thinking about it.
Maxine would rant, rave, scowl and yell at us. She was always watchfull of our facial expressions and our body language I.e waching if we were puting our hands in the air ect. And I always had the feeling I would be kicked out of the mission if I didn't seam enthousiastic enough.
I know the bible fairly well, and I remember disagreeing within myself about her manner of preaching and most importantly the content.
I clearly remember her stating that she was an advocate for the homeless, and a close friend of the govenor. I remember her stating that she had a radio show, and that she graduated from oral roberts university. She said she was a banker befor she was a preacher, and I believe it!!

I remember poeple telling me that she had many properties in the area, and she rented them out. There was a guy there that came back drunk one day and still didn't get kicked out because he was granted SSI and was waiting for his check. He had agreed to rent a room from maxine and was given privilage due to the garonteed income he would bring her.
Anyone else would have been instantly removed.

I clearly remember maxine puting us in the back
of her van and verbaly abusing us with vulgar language including the F word!
I left the mission because I got a night job at a corn processing plant and maxine wouldn't let me sleep there in the day. I got away with it once and worked for two days before I had to quit.
I then went to the salvation army and they told me how maxine had another organization shut down for feeding the homeless without a food liscence.
They saved me by getting me a room untill I could get my check and get out of town.

I wrote the govener soon after this experience but for some reason I figured he wouldn't read it. The letter was long and almost unbelievable.
Yeah, unbeleivable! That's what I kept saying to myself when I was there. Unbeleivable! I

This website has done much to strengthen my case in the matter of Maxine Matland I am very happy to see poeple posting on a subject as serious as this, and I sincerely hope that a few important leaders in the community [chiefly the govenor] are directed to, and perhaps take the time to wiew this truly informative site.
* God Help the Children. Rev.M.Brewer,
Dear homeless friends, I was unfortunate enough to fall on hard times for a few weeks back in the late nineties.In God's name, how can anyone call that a place of Christianity.Children working their butts off until late into the night whilst this family and hangers on drink themselves into oblivion.

The Pastor, or so she pretends to be,screaming her orders at whoever happens to be around.A woman who is so eaten up with greed, she would rob the eyes from out of your head if she could sell them.Her son is as sick if not worse than she is.But to frightened of her not to obey her every wish.Mind you, he is too old to change now as he must be well in his fifties and very deluded as he also believes that he is working for the Lord as does another woman there, who I think was his sister.

Why the people of Albany have not realized that these people are only using this place as a way to fill their own bank accounts, and to keep their alcohol quota going, is a surprise to me because it is so blatently obvious that they are most certainly not there to help the homeless, nor to preach about the Lord, because if they knew the Lord, they would not dare to treat their children in the manner they do, nor the homeless, whom they should feel priviledged to serve.

Why the FBI do not investigate that place I cannot imagine,I am sure that the IRS would also be interested in them, but then there must be something going on there that I did not have time to fathom out, but if they are not closed down once and for all, for their violence against children and adults alike, for crimes against humanity that would sicken the hardest of souls, it is up to the people of Albany to get together and rid this district of the scum who run this den of iniquity,and who are now branching out into places like Corvallis and Lebanon and will drag them down with their evil , the way they have done in Albany.The people here might walk around blind as to what REALLY goes on here, but GOD sees all.Let us pray that He makes His presence known before too long, to that vile family, a product of pure evil and corruption. Anybody making donations to this mission is only donating to this families' bank accounts
* Wake up albany! Brakster. brakster@tmail.comYou would not believe the quality of food that goes into one freezer, compared to the quality of the food that goes into the other.
One is her personal food, for her and her constituants. The other is for the homeless that toil in that sweat shop refurbishing palletts 10 hours a day.
You would not believe this womans demeanor if you were to see it! The thing that comes to my mind instantly is the wicked witch of the west!
This woman is just aufull! And she is having her way with every homeless person that falls into her web.
Please, I beg you, send this web page to people of importance so they might see the many crimes against humanity, not to mention other iliegal missapropreation of funds that this wicked woman gets away with due to a tax free lifestile that is handed to her as a registered charity.
Its rediculous, and frankly it dosent speak well for the poeple of that part of oregon.
She is an embarrassment to you and she needs to be toppled as soon as possible.
They didn't have the internet when I was there, but that has changed. Homeless people have begun to get a voice do to the internet that is available at any publc library.
Some of us that have been through her terror mill have become successfull, productive citizens since then, and don't mind using their education to inform others of the terrible experiences to be had at signs of victory.
I am currently writing this from a wireless device called a sidekick. I have it with me all the time. I can e mail this to anyone I choose to!
I believe I will do just that, and again, please do the same.
I'm assuming that the only way to stop her starts with us.
I will look into certain agencies that deal with frauds like maxine and I will direct them to this site.
god bless!
* Serious Denial

Tired of Pathetic BlabphemersI think you are in some serious denial. I think you need to understand the fact that your daughters shit does stink. Think of the fact that your daughter was sleeping around on George and toook her son little geaorge gave him a cup and told him to drink out of the mop bucket. I feel your daughter didn't even come close to getting what she deserved but her son sure did. He has a wonderful mother and father who care for him and love him. The Matland's are not perfect but who is. Shou;d we also discuss the fact that your daughter married a registered sex offender and chose him over her little son George are those the kind of people who you want to be around your grandchildren. All I see from you miss firefly are your pathetic excuses for the trash you raised. I am very greatful for signs of victory it saved mine and my childrens lives. They have been around for 25 years because God wants them to be. Not everyone who walks through those doors wants to be there or even likes it. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. As you all read the things on this sight just remember there are two sides to every story.
* Thankyou firefly,

This is in reply to the letter above which is unsigned and titled:

"Tired of Pathetic Blabphemers".

Please excuse the spelling of the title, I was just copying it as it was written.I cannot thank you enough for the kind words that you wrote.You obviously are a total coward, otherwise you would have given a name or some contact details.Not only are you a total coward, you must be a total ignoramos to have written the tripe that you have, but more so, to believe what you have written.

If you were at the mission back when my daughter was living there, I would take your letter to contain your views,misguided as they are, but I see that you have to have lived there since after November of 2005, because you mention George's latest aquisition, namely his latest wife, whom you refer to as little George's mother.One she is not George's legal wife and two, she is not George's mother.Just like Kevin Russell is not Gale's latest husband. And if you don't believe me, please feel free to go over to Linn County Courthouse with Kevin, and they will prove it to you.Although in George's case there is a marriage certificate on file, there was no legal marriage as Maxine performed the ceremony and as she was NEVER an ordained minister in the first place, the marriage is and, as was with my daughter and several other of the spouses (who were also under the impression that they were legally married to both George and Gale and Maxine herself,)these are just more pawns in the fraud that this family are involved in.They need the surnames and identities of these people you see.

The reason I said thankyou for your kind words is because you have just made my mind up about something.You have given me inspiration, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Do you, you stupid ignoramos, think that for one minute I would put into writing things that I had no concrete evidence for? Also, I definately take great offense at your remarks that I brought up trash.It is you who were in the mission, homeless and with children, my daughter rented an apartment from Maxine,not a place in the mission.So what does that say about you.On top of which, my other daughter is an accountant, so get your facts straight.I don't think for one minute that you wrote this letter off of your own back, because my daughter was also asked to write a letter, but to the local newspaper, speaking up for the Matlands, which made it sound as though my daughter was agreeing with them, when in fact they had put her up to it.

As for my daughter getting little George to drink out of a mop bucket, are you really so stupid as to believe that, and as for her choosing her husband over little George, you have your facts so totally twisted, that I think that you should seek some psychiatric help, because you are a very gullible fool and not in possession of the real facts.You are just making a laughing stock of yourself, and if I am wrong in saying that I believed you have been asked by the Matlands to write that letter,I would say that their idea just backfired bigtime.

And YES, you are right, there are two sides to every story,it is just a great pity that you are so educationally sub normal,and inarticulate, and not in possession of your full mental faculties, that you cannot see the truth for yourself.I wish you and your breed a healthy and happy life, but I suggest that you leave that mission, whilst you can.

And just before I forget, my daughter just told me to mention to you, that before you go making serious allegations about sex offenders, ask Gale and George about Gale's last pretend husband,to whom she also was never legally married to,and what she allowed him to do with her daughter (the youngest one), and that was not only commonly known by Maxine, George and god knows how many people in the mission, but also elsewhere.You are treading on very dangerous ground and unless you are 100% sure of your facts, I think homelessness will be the very least of your problems, because you are going to need the help of a very good attorney.By condoning what the Matlands have done and are doing,you are no better than they are, and the extent of the crimes that they have been carrying out for so many years.You are just cowering down and doing the Matlands bidding for them.

I do feel very sorry for you.But I am sure that as you feel that you are right, that you won't mind being questioned by the authorities.That of course is if you are not a coward and will give me or them your real name. However, I very much doubt that you will.But remember, I have concrete evidence to prove what I have said along with many photographs of what has taken place there, but I feel that you are only a recent guest of theirs and consequently are only going by what the Matlands have told you to say.Also, I doubt that you would have the brains to turn a computer on, let alone write a letter of your own accord.I take it that you are a female, as you say that you have the children with you, but as for being a good mother, well you certainly won't score any brownie points in anyone's eyes, for writing what you wrote, except by the Matlands,or for condoning the many crimes that they have carried out.But like I said, even that has backfired.So I will close.God bless your children, with a parent like you, they need all the help that they can get.

PS. As for God letting the Matlands live there for twentyfive years, believe me, God had nothing to do with that.Why don't you use what little brain you have and see why they were allowed to live there that length of time or is that beyond your comprehension also?
* Addition To The E-mail Above. firefly just wanted to add a couple of lines to the letter that I wrote yesterday, in reply to that written by the brainless moron, whose letter starts: "Serious Denial".

You have not given your name or any contact details, even though challenged,so you are definitely either one of the Matlands themselves, or one of their recent guests in their shelter.You say that my daughter did not get what she deserved.Are you therefore saying that George should have pursued what he attempted and continued to poison her until she died? Do you not think that murder is a serious crime? You mentioned that she was cheating on George when she was with him.I wish to God that she had been cheating with other men whilst she was with him, then little George might not have been the son of that manipulating piece of psychotic,redneck trash.Ten wives is an awful lot of women to go through, some only stayed married for days, others a few weeks, my daughter lasted three years, but only because her meals were laced with tablets to keep her from realising why she was really with these people.

You talk also about sex offenders and how she married one.The marriage was never legal as Maxine performed the marriage ceremony. George is not on the register as a sex offender, even though he is a rapist.He is a child abuser also, but do the Police or SCF want to know about that? No! because he is a Matland,but I can produce the people that he attacked?

Do you as a parent (if indeed you really are)condone the fact that George attacked a child, my grandson, and kicked a chair from under him and beat his head into a brick wall, all because he was so tired from working in the Soup Kitchen late at night, (where George, his sister Gale and their evil piece of scum of a pretend pastor Maxine Matland, were all drinking themselves into oblivion, along with people who were staying at the Mission that night, and he was only a small child at the time.Can you honestly agree, with just these few crimes that I have mentioned,that my daughter did not get what she deserved? And you a PARENT!!! She has suffered every day since getting away from that mission and the treatment that she had to go through, from over 150 tumors, stress and fear, never knowing what stunt George or his family were going to pull on her and her family next. Was it not bad enough that they stole her son, because that is what they did.He was the child attacker, and he kept the child, which anybody knowing Oregon law, knows that a man who attacks a child loses custody automatically.But because he is a Matland, the officials in Albany protect him and his evil family from prison time, because there is a hell of a lot more going on there than any of the public seem to realize.Hitler would have learnt a lot from these mobsters, better known as Oregon government officials and SCF.

Do you, you stupid moron, not realize that even without your name or ID, I can get you investigated so as to find out who you are and whose computer your letter was written on, because when I find out your whereabouts I would have no qualms whatsoever about getting SCF and the police to look into your situation,because you have proved yourself, in print, to be a complete imbecile, a parent also, and you condone some of the many serious crimes that the Matlands are and have been, involved in.And I have only mentioned but a few.

I can definately say to you, that if you are not a Matland, there is no way that they are going to thank you for what you have written, even if they instigated you to write your letter in the first place, because you have stirred up a hornet's nest for them and those who seek to run with them, and cover for them.

And just before I close, let's get something else straight. My daughter just told me to make absolutely clear to you, that she never gave up her son, she was completely tricked out of getting custody of him , but due to legal circumstances I cannot go more into that at this time, due to matters pending.

I sincerely urge you to write a public letter of apology following this letter, or I will see that you are investigated also.Have a good day! And to anybody who happens to read this letter also,I stand by every word that I have said.

And a word to the Matlands. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap.Be sure your sins have found you out".

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