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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh ! The Games People Play !

Hi Everybody,

I do hope that you all had a really lovely weekend. I can't believe that it is Tuesday already.I have been lost in a mountain of paperwork all over the last few days. I am sick of looking at it.I have been reading the court papers. I can see why attorneys charge one so much. It is because they use mountains of paper to repeat everything goodness how many times over.The best place for the main part of that would be to use it to wipe your backsides on.I have a theory on why they use so much.It is to make you think how clever they are and how much work they are doing on your behalf, when really all it is doing is stopping you from noticing what papers are missing from your case,so that the case can be dragged out even longer and they can charge one even more.

I intended to write about Properties today, but I found some telephone conversations written down going back to when Andrea was supposedly married to George Jnr. and at the time she was pregnant, brainwashed and was forbidden to have anything whatsoever to do with me, because I am so evil.Well, Matlands brainwashed her into believing that.But that didn't stop me from investigating them.What's that saying? 'Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey'. (or in Maxine's case, change the word monkey for Gorilla, because that is what she looked like.

I already said in another blog entry how sick in the head this family was both mentally and sexually, but I was nearly busting myself laughing last night when Andrea reminded me about how her and George could be lying in bed,in the early hours of the morning, and on a couple of occassions were actually having sex and suddenly Maxine would storm into their bedroom, after letting herself in through the front door downstairs, and she would be really aggitated and she would ORDER George to get out of the bed and go back to her house and............wait for it folks !!!!....pray with her. If you change the R in pray and replace it with an L, you'd be nearer the mark. She could not stand the thoughts of another woman in his bed, and him having sex with her.If he tried to do something nice like give Andrea a rose, then he had to get a bigger one for Maxine. Each thing that he did for her, Maxine had to have bigger and better.I wonder if that was regarding sex as well?

However, going back to the very spasmodic telephone conversations that our family or I managed to have with Andrea, it was only allowed providing one or more Matlands were there, or in their houses ,because the one telephone number was wired up in each of their addresses. And as nobody at the Mission was allowed to use the phone to call out it meant that the Matlands had complete control of all incoming and outgoing conversations. That way nothing could be said that they did not agree with, and we could not ask Andrea any questions, or else they would tell her that it was time to go as they had something to do. So we could not say anything that we did not want the Matlands to know and we could not write anything in letters that could not be read out loud to them, as they said that as they were all family, it was nice to hear all of the news. Isn't that a crafty way of doing things? Plus, we did not know at the beginning that the mail was being stolen from Andrea and others staying in the Homeless shelter and using PO Box 186, Albany, Oregon.It was always the matlands who collected the mail. If there were letters there which appeared as though there could be money in them, or cheques from Welfare and so on, and the grants that are paid once yearly to help homeless people to get a place, well they definately went missing. I could never understand why Andrea used to say how bad the mail was in Albany.

Here is something that will make you laugh. I posted $20.00 each to two of my grandsons, this was for their birthdays which were days only apart. I enclosed one letter to each of them, and one Birthday card to each, plus one letter to Andrea. I put all of these into one Registered envelope meaning that this had to be signed for by the person collecting the mail that day.That was in good time for them so as to buy themselves whatever they wanted.I heard nothing from the family. On top of which I could not get to talk to Andrea either, because Matlands kept fobbing me off with excuses."She is not here right now". That was what Maxine used to say, or else she would say "Andrea who! " as if she didn't know her.Anyway, I got fed up with keep trying to call Andrea and I phoned the Post Office and I was told that the letter had been delivered, when it should have been.So I phoned the Mission and I actually did get through and Andrea told me that their mail service was very bad and I asked about the Registered letter and how I wondered if it had arrived. You will never believe what story George came up with to tell Andrea.

He said that he had collected the mail and got the Registered envelope, and that he had put it in the back of his truck and that it blew out on to the highway. Did you ever hear anything so stupid? But that is how he explained that missing letter and money away. And I know he was the one who stole it because I have the photocopy of his signature on the form that he had to sign, so I know where that money went.The Matlands stole her milk and cheese vouchers as well, around that same time. Well, they did that to other people at the shelter also.The Matlands stole anything that was not nailed down. They took cars and trucks off of people for getting behind in their rent, or behind in their payments for staying at the shelter. Any excuse to take people's belongings or money or Food Stamps, they would rob it.

I was reading other notes that I made also regarding what George was doing. He has this thing about taking out Life Insurance policies on each of his wives, and he kept very methodical records about each wife(legal and non legal marriages) but I just found some bits that Andrea had been telling me whereby she said that George took very good care of her and made sure that she took her medication and her vitamins. Now I thought what a decent fella he must be. This was early on after I had not long found her and the children in Oregon.It all falls into place now because this was how he was drugging her up. He was giving her four spoons of medicine three times a day and she had said to me that it was knocking her out sometimes for up to 12 hours at a time.He just kept giving it to her. I even remember talking to her, or rather trying to talk to her on one particular occassion, and she didn't hardly know who I was, let alone hold a conversation on the phone.I have absolutely no doubt that had I have not kept up doing what I was doing by calling everyone that I could think of in authority, that she would have been dead today.As it was, I caused such a lot of problems for the Matlands that they could not kill her because to many people knew about what was going on at the Mission. But having said that, I wonder how he was planning on dealing with Andrea, had the poison he fed her have worked just two weeks prior to her escape from Matlands clutches. And regarding all of his other spouses, I wonder if any that we have not caught up with yet, suffered the same consequences without them even realising that he was trying to get rid of them permantly.After all, that is the whole point of getting Life Policies and several different wives, or in Gale and Maxine's cases, husbands.

So I am going to close for now. I hope that you all have a very enjoyable day today. Gob bless you all.Talk to you soon.

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