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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hi, it's me again.

Over the past days, I have been examining paperwork, to see exactly why people see George as being for real, instead of the lying, screwed up, sicko person that he really is.This next part is laughable, but it just shows you how convincing this man is.

He talks of his father, who died after he had graduated high school and been at college for two years and had to leave so as to bring in money for the family.Well George not only did not graduate, he never went to high school either. His dad had gone off and got himself another woman and had three children by her, when George and Gale were only young. In fact there is not much difference in their ages.

He says that he has had a variety of jobs, worked as a youth paster, a song leader, and has taught bible classes.He says that he has lived in a variety of states and countries, including Texas, Florida, Louisiana, California, Oregon and India, Japan, Thailand and Sri Lanka.He does have a good imagination, I'll give him that.He did live in Texas, California and is still in Oregon, but I notice that he does not mention places that he said that he and the family had lived in, but then, I think that he does not want anyone looking them up.He has a terrible fear that someone is going to look up his past.The sort of stuff that I cannot look up, if you see what I mean.

He also said that he had been married three times, this was said in 1995.All I can say is that he seems to have forgotten six other wives.So not only has he got a good imagination regarding where he has lived, he seems to have severe memory loss, regarding his number of wives. He said that his wives never wanted children, but that he did. Well, three months is quick to fall for a child, in one of his marriages. One month and a few days is also quick to get a wife pregnant.And when another announced that she was pregnant, he went mental trying to deny it was his, because it actually was not his, because she had had to escape like the other spouses did, because of the way he treated his wives.So he is talking out of his backside there.Then he says that he was single for twelve years, married and divorced in two. He forgets that that wife left because she caught him molesting her child, tried to escape, he caught her and the child, dragged them back to their apartment, beat her up and raped her. She went nowhere for a while and Maxine condoned what he had done and said that if that is what he did, then she must have deserved it.Wasn't she a nice pastor? George blamed his marriages for breaking down because there was a lack of communication.Well, hardly surprising I would say.It is not the easiest thing to communicate with somebody who leaves you in fear of your life and beats you up and rapes you, and attacks your children as well.

It says that he denied any alcohol abuse or drug abuse. He was an out and out alcoholic and sold drugs way back in California. Another case of convenient memory lapse I should say.He was described as a person unwilling to divulge personal information.And seems to be claiming virtue not found among people in general . Of course he was unwilling to divulge personal info. he was frightened that he would get caught out.

Children's Services and the other agencies hold all these reports in high esteem when dealing with children,custody and so on, isn't it a pity that nobody ever checks the truth behind it all when you have liars as good and convincing as he and his family are?

Let me add a note here: The batteries that Andrea was supposed to have stolen from George (mentioned on the new request for another Restraining Order,(mentioned in the last blog entry) was from his truck.And he claimed that she shot his windows out as well at another hearing.Can anybody explain how the hell a Judge would believe that and allow that to be part of a Restraining Order? Bye for now.Take care.

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