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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Absolutly Disgraceful

I find it absolutely disgraceful that a family of three, can move into Albany, Oregon in 1981, after coming from Cave Junction, Oregon, and are able to open a church mission for the homeless, pass themselves off as Pastor and a Minister, and run just about every scam going to con and deceive the homeless people, but on top of which these same people are robbed, treated as cheap or free labour, their mail stolen and many illegal marriages are performed using these same people, for gain re. getting new bank accounts,surnames and property.Their Food Stamps were taken or used as tithes, in some cases there was brainwashing,rape, arson,fraud,and more. Children have been hurt and Albany officials, police, SCF and more , all the way up to the Oregon State Offices and FBI have consistently turned a blind eye to the goings on at this mission.And to this day, have done nothing at all to bring these out and out criminals to justice whereby they are still committing their crimes, although since March of 2006 the mother who was the Pastor at the mission died.I should say that I was sorry to hear that, however there were a lot more people, whose families ended up in this evil creature and her son and daughter's hands, who cheered.

You might wonder why or how I know so much, as I live in Ireland.Well my daughter and her family were looking for an apartment and just happened to be in one of this Mission's Thrift shops and were told that there was an apartment in one of their many properties going.For one month the so called Minister wooed my daughter and then asked her to marry him. From that day on she was doped up, kept like a prisoner, left with no money, worked for them, and her mail stolen so that there was no outside contact.Even when I traced her to the mission, they originally said that they never had heard of her.

Then as time passed and I realised that this church was not as people thought and I started investigating them, then my eyes were really opened as to what was going on.If you read: will see some of what happened. Read also , and the links on there and see also what Oregon are covering up.They have a nice little sideline in children. Read: http://www.avoiceforchildren sure to read the Supreme Court hearing and all the links, because that web site will really open your eyes as to what Oregon Government are trying to hide.I warn you, it will shock and disgust you, and these are people that you citizens of Oregon vote into office.

Remember as you read some of my web pages, I can prove what I have said.And I have no intentions whatsoever of giving up this cause until the family at The Signs of Victory Mission in Albany, Oregon 97321 are brought to justice, and my grandson is returned rightfully to his mother and his father put away for all his crimes including giving poison to my daughter, and attacking her son, and fixing the court case whereby my daughter lost custody of her baby altogether. The Matland family should be put in prison to pay for all their many crimes, but then so should the Oregon officials, and I can name them, because they are worse for turning a blind eye.We are not allowed to talk or communicate in any way whatsoever with my grandson, his father, the so called minister just slams the phone down if one asks. Believe me, they have not heard the last of me, that goes for the Matland family and the officials.But I will take care of this legally, and not by threats of death like has been made to me.

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