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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marriage & Divorce, Oregon Style.Part 2

By Angela Salley. DEFENDER OF JUSTICE. - Sep 7th, 2008 at 7:16 pm EDT


Let me get on to this next part regarding these crazy marriages and divorces.In most cases, when the Matlands were doing these marriages,one of them being the other half of the couple, the correct paperwork was filled out and was lodged in the courthouse.There was a Marriage Cert. as well, and to all intents and purposes, at least one of the couple thought that they were married.This is regarding marriages to one of the Matlands.One Matland to one Innocent.OK! And if one watched the dates when they took place, often one Matland would marry and it was almost as if there was one who was jealous and would also marry,but there could also be the reason that by them marrying close together,on paperwork it appeared that one could have made a mistake in the dates.Take their names.There was Virginia Maxine Matland and Virginia Gale Matland.So both could be Virginia or Maxine or Gale or whatever combination of name they were using, but so that on records they did not come up necessarily together .In other words, so that they did not look like the same family or a simple change of a letter or a number would possibly throw one off.I notice that certain marriage numbers are altered.It is slight changes so as to look like the slip of the pen, or an innocent mistake, or in Matlands case, different marriages with people of the same names.I don't mean surnames on this bit, I am talking about christian names.

I'll never forget going through the marriage record numbers and found this particular one where the numbers had been altered and thought that I would follow it up.This poor fella nearly had a coronary when I asked him about his marriage certificate.He had been married, got grown up children and his number came up for one of Gale's latest spouses.Give him his due, he took it in good part when I told him about the same number being used, I even spoke to his son who laughed about it, being as he was a product of this marriage. This marriage being legal and nothing to do with the Matlands. Gale just didn't think that anybody would be researching the numbers.Well, she definately underestimated me.If Oregon Vital Statistics want to keep records that are forged, fine.But if it was another family doing this, wouldn't you surely get prosecuted? But there are lots of these stupid records and that is not my main concern at this point of writing.

It stands to reason that if the record of the marriages is on documents in Linn County and Josephine County,and there are others, then one has to get a divorce because it would then look like Matlands were committing bigamy.I mean to say, they don't want to look like criminals, do they??? HA! HA! But can you see how bloody unfair this is on the innocent party here? Not only are they in a marriage that is not a marriage, they get beaten up, raped in at least one case,ripped off moneywise, debts run up in their names, utilities in their names,bank accounts, properties and so on. Some of the marriages that the 'Innocents' go through, well some of them don't even have their paperwork lodged in the Courthouse.And yet, they go through a marriage ceremony and do the whole bit, and they are not married.No paperwork on file, no nothing. Sweet FA! But on top of which, WHY WOULD A MOTHER DO THAT ON HER OWN CHILDREN?? Both beautiful looking girls, both married very close to each other timewise. One has paperwork, the second does not.That is so sick.And George, their uncle did those two marriages.This was just recently.They did not have a clue.But both are not real marriages and both couples had the full works, so probably it cost them a good sizeable sum of money each.Now isn't Gale some old bitch to have done that? And George actually did the ceremony in both cases.Well, just take his latest wife, who of course is not his wife. Maxine did that ceremony, but she was a good catch in the Matlands eyes.She not only has three children, but she is into scams also, so fits in well.She was into a lot more besides.Not even the children were registered to go to school, the same with my grandson. All kept at home , not even being homeschooled, as if Matlands would be bothered with that as they need the kids to work.Thank God that last bit has been brought to light, so they will have to do some sort of schooling, but what if nobody ever followed that up? What would the Matlands do with those children then? The youngest child was already nearly kidnapped within days of this pretend marriage.But the bloke was caught by some of the homeless people, but then again, did he do prison time????The Signs of Victory Mission is a dangerous place to be.You could end up very dead.

So going on to my original thoughts. These divorces. Why would Linn County Court and the Judges go ahead and do a divorce on a marriage that never was, take your child, (in my daughter's case) give George a Restraining order to protect him from a wife, who was never a wife,and who never attacked him, give him the child when it was he who was the child abuser, and never even rap his knuckles for trying to poison her, undoing the wheel nuts on each car wheel in the hopes she would get killed, and had committed goodness knows how many crimes and still never got prosecuted.And she couldn't turn up for her divorce because she did not have a clue that it was happening.How many more have they done?

Now, if this is not bad enough, George's attorney became the mediator, he knew that there was no marriage to start with, and went ahead (AFTER he knew that there was no legal marriage), with the divorce and when I reported him to the Oregon State Bar, lied. HE is nothing but a bloody crook.And look at his new building, isn't that bastard doing very well for himself in his big new shiney offices on Sixth Ave., after coming from a one room office with his secretary having her desk on the landing.? And do you know what is really stupid, everything was done through this attorney regarding Supervised Visitation, everything,(because George made out that Andrea was violent,and this is after all he had done on her).Not only did this attorney lie to Linn County Courthouse, and the Oregon State Bar, but what the hell is the matter with the judges at Linn County Courthouse? Now as far as I am concerned this is only the beginning of the problem which needs sorting out, because my daughter was only one of several spouses who went through illegal marriages, divorces, lost rights to their children, and that little group of people in Albany that have Albany sewn up and have done for so many years, have got a damn sight more to answer to.And believe me, they will be exposed for the crooks that they are.

So I will leave you with this question. What are the Matlands doing to warrant not being prosecuted for any of their crimes, by any of the normal channels, for thirty odd years???Why would SCF, the Police, The Courts and so on,all turn a blind eye?

Just whilst I think of it. Does anybody reading this remember the case of the young black boy who was hanged in Matlands print shop????????????? It's like I said. The Signs of Victory Mission should definately carry a health warning. Have a good day!

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