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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At The Back Of The Front.

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? If anyone had ever asked me about a year ago, about writing blogs and joining these different web sites where you can put down your thoughts or voice an opinion, I would have laughed.But I can honestly say that since I started writing my blogs, that I have never met up with such lovely people.It has opened a whole new world to me and given me a whole new perspective of the Internet. Admittedly I started this because it was out of sheer desperation and because my mail was being taken, and of course it was all part of stonewalling me in just about every office that I was trying to get help from, but the Internet really is a great way to tell the world what is really going on. So I do take this writing seriously, but I really must just tell you all that I really appreciate some of the comments and e-mails and just the thoughts that some of you have had, regarding the situation that I have been talking about and that I really do appreciate and love you all so much and thank you for your kindness.

I have had to slow down a bit on writing to much information down, purely because of an investigation which is taking place right now. I have to go a bit careful not to give to much away.The whole worry of this topic about the Matland family and the plight of my grandson and the way that my daughter has been treated, means that I get very little sleep because it is constantly eating away at me day and night, but last night or rather approximately 5am this morning, the Dr. Phil programme repeat show came on and I lay there listening to what he was saying. He was doing a programme on men who control every aspect of a woman's life. They don't let them have the money to pay the bills, or don't allow them to buy their own gas for the car, as the husband fills the car up with just enough gas for local journies only. That way, the woman can only drive to the local shops and school.The husband takes care of everything, so that he has complete control and his wife is going nowhere without his permission, or doing anything without his permission, and in one terrible case, the wife was not allowed to even take a shower each day but only every other day because he thought that she would be off having sex behind his back otherwise.That man really was a sicko.

But what I am saying is, it must be awful to be so under someone's control that every word they utter, is said with the thoughts that you don't want to antagonise the situation, like treading on eggshells all the time.Just waiting for your husband to explode with rage because you have said the wrong thing, or done the wrong thing, or not cooked the dinner to his liking and so on.And the wife/girlfriend lives in fear so much so that they don't know what is going to happen next.

Imagine then living with this Matland family that I have been telling you all about. Not just one person controlling you, but three. Maxine (the mother) George Jnr.(the son), and Gale (the daughter) all of whom you can see on the Photostream for this blog.Now that is what you call intimidation.The three of them all controlling the unfortunate spouse and the child/children.On top of which the marriages were, in the main part, illegal.I know for a fact that one of Gales' spouses was attacked by all three Matlands beating him with shovels. Now can you imagine how intimidating it was to have a controlling spouse, but on top of which there were three in the family beating you up.They all took a shovel each to beat him up with.And other parents besides me have tried to get something done about this family, and still they get nothing done by those in authority.Except the only difference being that I am not giving up.

But these people's houses become like a prison without bars.Take my daughter's case. She really believed that the Matland family were really church people.That Maxine was a Pastor and George Jnr. a Minister.So you are not expecting people who one believes are working for the Lord,to treat you any way different from how normal christians treat each other.You are not expecting them to rob you, feed you pills in your food to keep you doped up so that you don't cause any problems, to steal your mail that is incoming, so that you don't have a clue that anybody is trying to contact you from the outside world, or to steal your mail if you are wanting to write to someone like family, which leaves that family member thinking that you can't be bothered to answer your letters that you never got in the first place.But of course they don't know that.On top of which, in my daughters case, she could take the children to school, which was close by and she could go to the local shop to buy stuff for the Matlands, which they told her to get.But if you don't know that the Matland's agenda is to take everything from you by gradually stripping it away bit by bit, you would not believe it if somebody told you this. You would laugh at them and say that you are not being held against your will.You love your husband and that the person telling you this in the hopes of putting you wise you would say was mad.It is not until they pull a stunt whereby George Jnr. fed my daughter poison, that perhaps you might start thinking that all was not right.

Then there was the attack on the five year old child, and the fact that a list of ex-wives was found by accident, and the dates and details of the marriages and Social Security numbers and dates of how long they stayed in the marriage and so on,and the details of Life Policies taken out in their names ,well that would definataly make you sit up and think.One, you would know for definate that you were not wife number three, like Andrea had been told, and two, other things that you may not have thought to question before, suddenly now stick in your mind as to being strange.You suddenly start to cop on that all is not as you thought and then you want to get away as fast as your legs will carry you.The fact of how the children were treated, how so many people hated this family who lived around the area. It all starts to make a bit of sense.But then if you try to escape, the Matlands go out in convoy type style and hunt you down.That wasn't how it was in Andrea's case, I am talking about other Matland spouses who suddenly 'saw the light' and realized that all was not as it seemed.But I have written about that already in other blog entries about how different children were seen to be molested and their mothers caught George Jnr, and how these women tried to escape and how in one case one girl was threatened with being murdered and another beaten and raped so harshly that she went nowhere for another couple of weeks. Andrea's case was different because after George Jnr. had poisoned her, a fortnight later he attacked her five year old son and that was what prompted that escape.

But what I was going to say was, slowly I can see this is happening all over again with wife number 10.She does not realize it and still thinks, or wants us to believe that everything is marvellous. That she is so in love with this 'THING' that she is married to, or rather, thinks that she is married to and that her life as a Pastor's wife is absolutely marvellous. She forgets to mention the affair that she had just a few months after this fake marriage took place.She doesn't seem to realise that the Matlands are just using her because she is or was poseing as my daughter for fraud and whatever else they used her for.She forgets or doesn't care to remember that her child was kidnapped just days after her supposed marriage took place when what would be such a serious occurrence to you or me would take her untill the following day to report to the police. STRANGE OR WHAT???

But now it seems since February she has been running a website to meet people.I mean people from the outside world that she can talk to online.This is after her man friend was kicked out of the Homeless people's shelter when George Jnr. found out about this affair. So things are not as rosy as she paints them.On top of which, any photos used I will bet you are not known about by George Jnr.He would never let anyone have outside contact like that, let alone put photos up on the Internet because nobody but the Matlands themselves were ever allowed to use the phone to call out, let alone recieve a call. It had to be a Matland who would allow it and then they would listen in to make sure that nothing against them was said. So if George knew about the web site, he would freak out big time.But anyway, her web site is up and running.It means that she can leave the odd message to her mom(Matlands definately would not like that) and it makes her believe that everything is wonderful.But it is a way of her keeping her dignity, not losing face over being married to a complete asshole, and the family saying "I told you so", and because at this moment, which is one year and four months nearly into this relationship, she really has not copped on what the Matlands are likely to have planned for her.

If you ever go on these sites like My Space, they have different contents to 360. But I think that it is aimed at a younger agegroup. However they have these online questionnaires that youngsters fill in about boyfriends, their lives, favourite people and so on.Then you are supposed to repost the quiz.But you can actually learn quite a bit by the answers given. And in the last questionnaire reading between the lines, she(wife number 10) is being treated no differently to the other spouses. She is run off of her feet between the apartment, the children and work , which is for the Matlands. She goes nowhere. She has no money and no outside friends. And the mere fact that she has to e-mail her mom shows that the visits are not happening even though they live in the same area. It is all a way of covering up just how much control the Matlands have over one. I actually sent the Police round to talk to my daughter and it just happened that none of the Matlands were around at that minute and that policeman was convinced that my daughter was not being held against her will and was happy to be there, and look at all that happened to her!!!!. It's just that Matlands brainwash you so well, that you don't realise at the time that this is happening. So keep your eyes on this space, because there is going to be a lot more coming out as we don't know yet what the Matlands have planned for her and her children and my grandson.Little George's photos are now online also and he certainly does not look like a happy camper either.

I hope that you all have a good weekend and that you have beautiful weather.God bless. Talk to you soon.
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The Crunch.
By Angela Salley. DEFENDER OF JUSTICE. - Sep 7th, 2008 at 7:50 pm EDT

Hello Friends,

I just have to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day from Co.Meath, in Ireland. I was just watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade on the television, and it was absolutely brilliant.Some of the marching bands were from different parts of America as well as other parts of the world. They were marvellous ,and did not let the grey ,cloudy skies, rain and cold weather put them off. They really should be congratulated for their professionalism, as should all of the participants from all different nationalities.Ireland really has become a very multi cultural country and that has to be a great thing.

Anyway today's blog entry is called ' The Crunch' and I have called it that because the time has about come to really set this whole case that I have been writing about for the past weeks, in full motion. There are so many more facts that have surfaced as to why my daughter lost custody of her youngest son 'little George', and the planned attempts to kill her, plus George Matland's latest wife (number 10) who also underwent an illegal marriage, has to have been set up also, because it would be to much of a coincidence that George would meet and marry(illegally) a girl ,who although resembling her (my daughter) slightly when first arriving at the homeless shelter with her children, would, over the months change her hair and size and now is the living image of her. So much like my daughter, is she, that my stomach jumped when I saw her Profile photograph, which is shown in my Photostream and pictures. It really is uncanny how they have got her to look so similar.

The hair was bleached up, the curls all disappeared, and she now is wearing smooth, light blonde hair and her size has increased.Her make up has changed and I already know for fact, that dirty dealings have been taking place which are now being looked into. So George Matland and his family were not content with all that they did to my daughter whilst still with that family, but now, ten years later, they are still trying to ruin her life. No wonder, when I have found and contacted other ex. spouses or people that they pulled scams on, that each have asked me not to let the Matland family know where they are now living. They are still terrified of them. The Matlands cannot leave people alone. Perhaps that is because in George's case,he takes out Life Insurance Policies on the spouses and because they are still using certain people's Soc. Sec. numbers and names in their scams.

Anyway, no doubt in the next few weeks, we shall learn a lot more about some of the crimes that they have been committing more recently.I know one thing for sure though. Looking at the latest bunch of photos for George and his latest wannabe wife, they are most certainly not as they are made to appear. They are only to fool those looking at them and to make us believe that everything in the garden is rosy.When in reality, it is very far from being so.Why else do you think that the photos of George, are only of when George was asleep? It's because he has not got a clue that they were being taken. He would go mental if he knew.

Well, I am going to close for now. Keep looking at this blog because things are going to get very interesting over the next few weeks or so. God bless you all and even if you are not Irish, have a really great St. Patrick's Day. There are none that can celebrate like the Irish, and you will never meet friendlier people. They are absolutely the best in the world.And I am English!

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