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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

Believe me, I do not suffer fools lightly.What on earth is the matter with these people here in Albany? As you all know, (those of you who follow this unbelievable story) that Linn County Courthouse, in Albany, Oregon, and all of the main offices that run this city, are all covering up the crimes of one family in particular whose surname is Matland and who run "The Signs of Victory Mission" on Cleveland Street, and their Thrift Shops,(three in all) Church, Soup Kitchen and shelter for the homeless, which is at 705 Lyon Street.

I have been reporting the crimes there on people who have unfortunately got involved with this family via the fake marriages that they perform,or being homeless and ending up in their god forsaken homeless shelter, violence,fraud, arson, attempted murder, rape,and numerous other crimes which this family does not get prosecuted for.A large amount of the many crimes are already in the previous blogs. Obviously there are those that I cannot write about, but it is not hard to work out from reading what I have previously already covered, that there is something drastically wrong with what the officials are being so careful to cover up, and because this has all been going on for over 25 years in this one area, so that tells you the calibre (the extent of mental qualities) of the officials running Albany.I will just say here, that I am not referring to any official who has started his job recently.

As you would already know, I started this investigation because my daughter ended up there in one of these marriages when she was looking for an apartment, which happened to be owned, by Pastor Virginia Maxine Matland, her son George Raymond Matland Jnr. and her daughter Virginia Gale Matland, but she has many surnames and variations of, for purposes of fraud and forgery and so on. And as you already know, Maxine was never a Pastor to start with and then when she died last year, her son George Jnr. started calling himself a Pastor, which of course is just another way of carrying on the scams and so on, which they already do.They are pastors of nothing.

My daughter Andrea has suffered every single day from when George tried to kill her using poison, and then attacking her five year old son two weeks later, which was when they escaped after two policemen from Albany Police dept. took a false statement by the attacker himself, George Jnr. and he used that against her to get custody of her baby, George Raymond Matland III.It's all in the blog.Then he tried to kill her after that as well by loosening the nuts on the wheels of her car in the hopes that they would come off whilst driving.But as luck would have it, another person was driving the car when the wheel on one side did come off on the highway, but he was a garage mechanic and was able to save himself.

It was only recently that it came to light that the court case for the divorce and custody case between my daughter and George Jnr. had been definately FIXED.I have the proof so nobody can dispute this.But let me just point out that Andrea was wife number nine, not that she knew that back then, so that tells you in itself that there is something drastically wrong with George Jnr. plus he has now entered another illegal marriage to wife number ten. A woman who is into scams like you would not believe, and guess what, dressed in a certain way and with her hair done in a certain way, she is the living image of my daughter, wife number nine.And is under investigation for fraud and ID theft.Doesn't take much of a brain to work out who she was impersonating.See for yourself, the photos are on the page. This woman was a homeless junkie, has three lovely children, left them and went off doing her own thing, has lied, cheated, stolen and obviously fits in well at the Matlands and as George's tenth wife. They have also got a baby from somewhere that they are trying to get to keep.This was more recently and after she had had an affair with a fella from the Mission, right under George's nose. That shows how much she loves him, plus within ten days of this stupid marriage, the youngest child was nearly kidnapped.And this so called mother, did not even bother to report it until the following day.A couple of the letters are also on the blog from this 'lover'.Plus of course my grandson, who has been so abused over the years is also there still.That's five children and I can't say definately as to whether another seven year old girl is still living with them, whom they took in, whose mother is dying, so they are definately clocking up the numbers and will be able to use these children for more scams and with George Jnr. being a child abuser,and has been since at least the late 1970's, he must think that all his birthdays and Christmases have come at once.And running true to Matland form, George and Priscilla are absolutely refusing to allow any contact whatsoever between the girl's and their family and my grandson and his mother Andrea and our family. Except in this case re, little George, we have not been allowed any contact whatsoever for four solid years now and prior to that, the Matlands did everything possible to stop contact then, so it was very spasmodic as to whether Andrea ever got to see her child and she was very intimidated every time that she did get a visit.That is also in the blog.

As it came to light for definate that her divorce/custody case was fixed, I thought that I ought to find out who knew what from back when the case took place.As luck would have it, I did get a couple of answers confirming my suspicions.So this week I thought that I would challenge the DA himself, because when I had written previously he totally ignored my letters.I mean to say that I really have sent in masses of letters to all of Oregon's officials.But all that that achieved was threats that I would get killed, my mail was stolen or stopped, Andrea's mail also suffered at the Albany end, and no one was ever prosecuted in the Matland family for anything that they had done on my daughter, let alone her children and all the other people that they had harmed.

So going back to this phonecall, as the DA was not around at the time, I found somebody else who knew exactly what I was talking about.I was very surprised as that meant that in a space of three weeks, I had three people trying to help me.Because there have been several changes of staff I was told that I should be able to trust one person whose name I dare not put here, as being an honest person.Now that is a biggy in Albany.An official who can be trusted!!!! So I was very grateful for this suggestion and said that by admitting to what they had, that in reality they were saying that the other officials over the many years, were all bent.And to my surprise that was substantiated as being true.

I thought that I was on a roll here so I again decided that it would be a good idea to call the DA and purely confront him with all the questions that concerned me as to why this Matland family had been protected for so long.To my surprise he actually came on the phone to me, he'd ignored me before, so I was taken aback a bit.He has been in office for four and a half terms, approximately 20 years. So has lived and worked in Albany for the whole length of time that the Matlands have lived there, and would have known that they had been in the newspapers and had all their many, many disputes and fires, and problems over their sale of wood and disgusting infested properties and so on.He would have had to have been deaf, dumb ,blind and stupid, not to have heard of this family, as they are so well known.

I am actually sitting here laughing, as I write this, because this is supposed to be a reasonably intelligent man. He is after all, over the Courthouse.What a joke.Well I simply asked why it was that this family were not prosecuted.He actually queried as to whather he had heard of them, and then said "Oh, didn't the old woman die last year?" That was Maxine that he was referring to.I said that she did die last year and thank god that she did because she was so evil, and I continued by saying that had I have had the plane fare over, I would have gone to her funeral and danced on her grave.

Do you know something, he asked me what it was that this family were involved in. It was as if he had never heard of them except that their mother had died.For nigh on three quarters of an hour I was naming crimes and so on that had taken place.All he would say was that I should submit my evidence to the Police and if they found that there was a crime to be prosecuted, then he would be glad to prosecute Matlands.Now what sort of a fool does he take me for? This is just yet another delaying tactic.As if I would trust any of that lot to investigate anything.But he did keep saying "Where did you get your evidence, how do you know that this is happening".Then the reference to him by me, saying that I knew about the children being sold , which involved the State Offices and that places like the Matlands could easily get rid of people because they don't admit to certain people living there in the first place well that definately got a reaction and he was off of that phone in a shot.So what does that tell you about him??? And I will leave that thought with you. Needless to say, I won't be expecting him to do an investigation, nor any of his crooked buddies.

I wish you all a very happy weekend.Keep your eye on this blog, things should get a bit interesting very soon.Big plans afoot. God bless you all.

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