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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

How are you all doing today? I hope that you all had a really romantic and wonderful day yesterday.I don't suppose it was that romantic at George's house, as you can't buy second hand roses, can you? Never mind,I am sure that he came up with something as a token of his affections towards his tenth spouse. Perhaps a negligee from out of the Thrift shop. I remember how he gave Andrea a negligee,but he forgot to check it for holes. That shows you what a low life he really is. Won't spend a penny on anything that he can't get for nothing.But then I suppose he wonders why he should, after all, one wife (illegal or otherwise) is not much different from another.He treats them all with the same disrespect and mental and physical abuse as each other.They are only there to satisfy his sexual urges and to work for free and hopefully, bring in money one way or another from whatever scams he finds them useful for.Well, come to that, whatever any of the Matlands found them and their children useful for.

The title of this blog entry called 'Watching You ! Watching Me ! Ha! Ha!' couldn't be more true. At last, the big boys are interested in what I am writing.That is for definate.Perhaps now, you will get your fingers out and start doing a proper investigation of the Matland family before we start investigating you for covering this all up for so many years.I mean to say, it stands to reason that so many crimes being carried out by a bunch of punch drunk Texans, posing as Minister and Pastor, and whatever role Gale was playing at whatever particular time that you happened to see her, have to have something going for them, with the powers that be, when time and time again they just get a warning and a pat on the back, so that they can carry on about their business, or should I say 'Illegal business' without fear of prosecution.

I won't bother to list their crimes here because I have done so in previous blog entries, and even then I have held back on some.Like I have held back on mentioning certain names of officials that should be investigated.And I am not necessarily talking about ones that are in office now.I am going back awhile.I've done my homework.But I would be of the opinion that certain people who have held very responsible positions in Oregon, are not quite what they seem.But I suppose that I should not go on about that today because that would be opening up a whole new hornet's nest.

Anyway, enough of that for today.I have such a lot of things buzzing through my head , things to do with Matlands scams, that I just can't get right in my mind at this point, but one of them involves NAMES! And I am talking about the RECYCLING of same.They have it down to a fine art. Never mind, it will come to me I expect, because it obviously has not been noticed by the authorities yet.I do hope that you all have a very good day today and do take care.

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