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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Couldn't Believe It.

Hello Friends,

I am sorry that has to be on the short side today, I want to try and get some photos on here, so that you can see what I am talking about.I do hope that all of you are having a great day and that your weather is brighter than it is here.

Last night I happened to turn on the television to watch the film, as I had seen it advertised over the past few days and it looked interesting. It was called "Family Sins" about a woman and her husband who fostered children.They did it for years.No kidding, I was absolutely gobsmacked whilst watching this film.It was based on a true story and took place in New Hampshire. Apart from the fact that the mother in this film fostered children, you would have thought that this film was about the Matlands.

The Matlands take the Homeless people, so that would cover men, women and children.But this family in the film took Welfare cheques, Dissability cheques, Vehicles ,possessions belonging to the people whom they had rented apartments to, in their many properties, which they bought from the proceeds of what they conned or stole,or got from the people who got behind in their rents, and so on. They would clear the property of anything saleable and sell them in their Yard Sales. Then they set fire to that property to get the Insurance money. They were opening bank accounts everywhere they could, and (which I have to admit, turned my stomach) this woman wanted the children to call her mommy, that is exactly what Gale was trying to get little George to call her, and that was in front of Andrea.He even said to her one day at Supervised Visitation, that she was not his mommy but Gale was.They were brainwashing him.Gale just wanted children because they bring good money, like she tried to get her ex. husband's children from about three spouses ago.They could claim on the Welfare for them as being abandoned, but luckily enough the police rescued the children, so the Matlands lost out on them and the money that they hoped for.

Another thing that made this film so much like the Matlands, was the fact that the Police and other town members of the different services, never believed the stories being reported by one of the older girls who had escaped. Now in her case, she had a mother living in the basement, more or less locked away and being starved. Just fed every couple of days, but she had to work in the main house doing the cleaning.But in matlands case it is the men who are kept in the basement area.But because the woman running this foster kids home was on different charitable concerns, it made her appear whiter than white and so people did not think that she was dishonest. It was only when the girl who escaped got into the Attorney General's office and he started to believe her, that there was an investigation into this family.But he was wise and honest and he could understand how the local police and other services did not do anything, (because they were all on a friendly basis) so he brought in a team from outside the town and gradually got his case together and they all of the family went to prison.

Now obviously as this was part truth and part fiction, not all of the film was the same as Matlands, but 85% was exactly like them.They described the mother as a sociopath(I can't spell that word,but sounds like I have written it), it means one who has no love for anybody.That would definately describe Maxine.You would almost think that she was one of the walking dead.That's how much she cared about people.But in Maxine's case, she was great on sucking people in with her talk of all that she had achieved and all about her heart operations , and going to India and helping those people.And people all believed it. Who is going to phone up people in India to check the story out? It all is part of the spiel, to make herself sound so great.And whilst on about the film, the mother in the story taped the people that she wanted to get a hold over on the Answering machine, Maxine used a baby monitor and it went onto tape.Even the Fire dept., believed this woman in the film and the same in Albany. It really was uncanny watching this programme.And the children were kept from going to school, because they got hurt( in the film), and George and his latest wife don't send their children(including my grandson) to school either.Well it is a good way to prevent the children saying the wrong thing to the wrong people, I suppose.And if they have been hurt, nobody will see anything to report to anyone.

Well, this film was interesting to say the least.When I wrote to the Attorney General he sent the letter to the Dept. of Justice.But I had contacted the child labor offices and Children's Ombudman,whom one would think by their titles, would be obvious places to write to, and they absolutely did not want to know.But of course back then, I had no idea that a lot of these State Representatives would come up much later as being involved in the cases of children being taken and sold and sent into prostitution.No wonder they did not want to touch this case with the Matlands. But I have to give credit to somebody who shall remain nameless in the dept. of Justice, because there was so much violence threatened and people from the mission sent by the Matlands to intimidate Andrea on the odd occasion that she did get to see little George on Supervised Visitation,and all I had to do was to phone and it was organised that a man was put into the library during the visit and he was upstairs and stayed until the visit was over.Maxine or Gale would have had a fit if they had known that they were being watched like that.But watched they were.They were watched on a few other occassions also, but I daren't put that here, but let's put it this way, it was not in the library on these occassions, it was much closer to home, or "homes" as Maxine had a lot of properties at the time that I am talking about.So there are some honest people about, it is just the job of trying to find them and those that aren't taking backhanders or getting favours.

So I am going to close for today.I thank you all for your kind wishes, and please let me just make this next bit clear. I am not saying anything bad about any religion, pastors or the like, I am only saying about the Matlands pretending to be Pastors/Ministers, or whatever they are deciding to call them selves for the sake of their scams.Take care and God bless you all.

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