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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Entry for February 07, 2007 "LITTLE GEORGE ! 15"

This is the last photo for today but I have one showing George sidefaced and you can see just how hard he was punched in the mouth and how deep the slit went in his lip. Another that I must sort out is again when he was rotten with dirt and full of fleas. Would you leave your children with this family ???

That is all for now. I hope that you are all well and keeping warm.And most of all, loving and appreciating your children, even if they are driving you mad sometimes.You just don't know what is round the corner.Also, thankyou so much for all your support and kind words.God bless you always.

Entry for February 07, 2007 "LITTLE GEORGE ! 14"

Entry for February 07, 2007 "LITTLE GEORGE ! 13"

Photo shows bruising to the head,but other photos from this time but not very clear, show where he was carried by his throat.Also where he had bruising to the soft skin under his shoulder.Goodness knows what happened then.

Entry for February 07, 2007 "LITTLE GEORGE ! 12"

Poor little soul, I hope that Judge John McCormick and the Police and SCF are pleased with themselves.Perhaps a holiday with the Matlands would teach them a lesson or two.And when I think of how Diane Aspengren, Supervisor of SCF begged me for three quarters of an hour not to report her to Govenor Kitzhaber's office. Then she promised me that she would keep a watch out for little George. Then when two residents from the shelter reported big George for his treatment to little George and how he carried him by his leg, she just told them "GO TELL HIS MOTHER !!!" They didn't even know her.They had never met.And later when I heard about it and I phoned Diane, to have it out with her, she got the woman who answered the phone and they put me on hold for over ten minutes.And I could hear them laughing at me by the phone.And I can prove that happened, and Diane will be a very sorry woman indeed. It will just prove that she is nothing more than a jumped up piece of scum, and a liar and should most definately not be doing the job that involves children, or human beings come to that, because she is not fit.

Entry for February 07, 2007 "LITTLE GEORGE ! 11"

A rare meeting of the two brothers, who loved each other. Little George had great fun when his brother came but it had to be stopped because it was to dangerous taking him on the visit.This is the child whom George attacked for leaving work at the Soup Kitchen early, and kicked the chair from under him, grabbed his head and bashed it into the wall.And Matlands lied their arse's off about what happened and turned it around saying that Andrea had attacked big George and the Police listened to him instead and yet she had dialled 911 saying that George had attacked her son.There was not one shred of evidence about what George had told the Police.It say's a lot for those two idiots.

And it was George who got a Restraining order against Andrea on his lies, and he kept baby George. Now how crazy is that?

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