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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



I was thinking today what a horrible thing it must be, to know that one is hated and feared so much by so many people, as the Matland family are.They have been hated and feared for so many years now. Not one person that I have contacted regargding past people that they have been involved with by way of business or marriages and so on, have said anything nice about them.One would almost think that they were put on this earth by Satan, to try and ruin as many people's lives as they can.And they certainly do succeed.

To hear somebody trying to stop himself from crying on the mention of Maxine's name, really did shock me.But that was fairly early on in my enquiries and that was a business man that I was talking to.It wasn't like it was one of her sexual partners that she preyed on.Somebody once told me, that it was as if she walked with a black shadow.And then my daughter used to say, that when Maxine came into the Thrift shop, it was as if the lights dimmed and you could give up any hope of making any more sales that day.It was as if this woman walked with the evil one.All she knew was how to scream out her orders, rant and rave at her children (Gale and George, both in their forties back when my daughter was there)and do the same to anyone including her grandchildren.

And talking about them, it was her and Gale that used to try and brainwash little George into believing that his mother(my daughter) was not even his mother, to the point whereby he actually went to visitation one day, when it was at the library and said to her,"You are not my mother, Gale is".Now I would honestly believe that that was for reasons of claiming some sort of payment for him.Gale yelled and screamed at her own children,she even punched her oldest daughter in the mouth, full force, and do you know why? Because the children were working in the Soup Kitchen getting the food prepared and the girl went to the freezer to get something and because it was so icey, a bag of peas fell to the ground and Gale never gave it a second thought and just punched her full on. Gale never seemed to realize how lucky she was to have such lovely children, and she treated them like shit. And what mother and family would condone the youngest child to have sex with Gales' latest man friend so that he would not leave her,(Gale) like all of the others had.Leave her! They had to escape as they were in fear of their lives.

And take Maxine,(the pretend pastor) who had Albany fooled for twenty five years believing that she was a Pastor and collecting money/ food/ donations and anything going/ plus avoiding tax /doing blackmail and physical and mental abuse on anybody that she felt like doing it on. She herself actually gave poison to a fella that had come out of the military,so that is both George and Maxine who have used that way to try and kill someone, the other person being my daughter.But talking about Maxine, she had a very strong sexual urge, even when she was old, and she used to see who was in the shelter that she fancied and let them come and sleep in the big rambling house that she had, that used to belong to the Govenor, and when they or whoever she had picked, was in bed, she would wear one of her neglige's and then would roam the corridors to get him.And if he was not willing to do the business, then God help him. One man hated her so badly that he actually planted a homemade bomb in her house. Another man who was driving her somewhere in his car when she came onto him, was so revolted that to get her off, he pushed her out of the car onto the road, so as to get away from her.

She tells this following story to people to impress them, that she was VERY GOOD FRIENDS with a very famous pastor and that he gave her five thousand dollars worth of office equipment, and that she gave him a very expensive ring . She often tells this story, so I thought that I would phone him and ask him about this woman and what she was claiming.Now this man does not come on the phone to any of us mere mortals,but there are ways and means and sure enough where do you always know where a pastor is going to be. That's it, in church. I just had to find out where he was doing his sermon.I got him, but even funnier, he had his attorney on to it within one hour of hearing what I had to say.

Maxine Matland and her family, George and Gale,are out and out liars, cheats, thieves, and child abusers, they have had more scams going than most of the worst criminals and they are all carried out under the guise of being a relious family.And the Albany agencies all turn a blind eye and have done for all these years, and let them rip people off one way and another whilst anyone else committing just one of their more serious crimes, would get locked up for years.Now tell me how that is right!!!! Have a good day.

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