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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,

I just felt the need to write another blog entry today.Tell me this. How can certain people profess to be Christians,when behind that facade in real life they are breaking so many of the Lord's Commandments? I am not knocking at anybody here at all, I am only referring to the family that I have been writing about by the name of Matland.Now at this point in time, I cannot say whether George Jnr. knew about the web site that Pris. had, but to see it you would think that she was a reformed character who had found Jesus and repented for all of her sins.And boy oh boy, there were some tough ones.But in reality, the page was only a way of conning people into believing that she had turned over a new leaf.Then for whatever reason, she changed her page. Dropped the "Christian" bit and then changed it again. I'd say that she has something to hide big time.Because she has gone altogether now. She now has a new hobby, along with her beloved George Matland Jnr. collecting children.Read on.And forget the words 'Love' or 'careing', it's nothing to do with that.It's all the more money for the Matlands. WHOOPEE! Children bring in good money and make very handy cheap labor also.Not that any of the agencies hearing about children working give a toss, because I rang three myself ,they took not a blind bit of notice.

The title of this blog entry today has been churning my guts up.How dare the Matlands take in more children.There is no child who should be allowed to live within miles of the Matland family.They are evil, so evil that I sincerely believe that they almost have actual powers from Satan himself. Having said that, you already know that Maxine passed on last year. I expect that poor old Satan will be cursing the day that she died.I bet that he has earache from her ever since.If you have followed my blog entries you will know of some of the stuff they have already done to my grandson. Let me make it absolutely clear that I am referring to the years before George met a lookalike of my daughter whose name is Andrea,and he saw the potential for pulling off more scams/crimes by going through an illegal marriage, yet again with this new woman.Her name is (Priscilla) and she arrived on the scene approx. 1 year and 7 months ago. She became wife number ten.She had three children with her.So the Matlands would have welcomed her with open arms, and looking like my daughter also would have been a big bonus for carrying out yet more crimes.And she was definately up for that.

I wrote earlier this week about how I had tried to contact my grandson, George Raymond Matland III to hopefully wish him a very happy birthday. But as always, I got the runaround on the phone and when I finally got hold of that piece of crap, by the name of George Raymond Matland Jnr., he did what he normally does, and slammed the phone down yet again.But I already explained all that and I did say that I wondered if little George, who was 11 yrs. old on Monday last, actually knew that it was his birthday.Because of all of the dodgy forms that Matlands claim on and altered records and so on, it's a wonder they actually remember their own names.But what I was thinking back to was when little George was finally allowed to see his mom (Andrea) on the very rare occassion that George Jnr. allowed it, the Matlands all used to pray together that she would get killed.It was bad enough that the Matlands had tried before to kill her and then after the last attempt on her life when George gave her poison from a medicine bottle that he kept locked in his own cupboard, and after the attack on my other grandson two weeks later on, which was the day that Andrea and this child escaped, George still tried to kill her.In fact, that is why everybody who has been unfortunate enough to cross paths with the Matland family, are so terrified of being found.They all say the same thing. "Don't tell them where I live".And this can be up to thirty years later.

But what I was meaning to say was, when the day for Visitation arrived, the Matlands along with little George all prayed together and the prayer was that Andrea would get killed on the journey and when the prayer was said, and they finished with "Amen" little George would not say it because he loved his mommy and he told her about how they made him say this prayer. He said to his mom, "but I didn't say Amen mommy, because I didn't want it to happen". He was only a little lad then. We are talking about before he was six years old.What kind of bastards teach a child to pray that their mother gets killed? And not just satisfied with that, they used to put religious scriptures in his bag for Andrea.Not something with a loving message from Jesus, but the worst, most awful scriptures about being lower than a snake's belly type verses.I mean real sick stuff.

Isn't it bad enough that the court case was fixed in the first place, so that Andrea never stood a chance of getting custody, then the mail was still being stolen so she couldn't get the date for the hearing, then because custody automatically goes to the other parent if the other parent doesn't turn up(because in this case they knew nothing about it) on top of which, George hounded her in the street, threatened to kill her in public, lied to the Police who thus wrote a completely false statement, lied to the court so as to get a Restraining order, and still, not satisfied with all that and more, still tried to kill her in yet another attempt.And he never complied with hardly any of the court's requirements re. what parents have to do.Then he had the cheek to say that she was mentally unbalanced so as to hang the court case out even longer.Then he lied to the psychologist on other tests earlier and each time he got away with it.And each time, children's lives were involved.

Well Children's Services,and this is really aimed at Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davies, and that out and out bitch Rose Infonte.Diane and Rose especially are cruel, heartless old cows and not fit to breathe God's air. You have done your utmost to cover up the crimes on both my grandsons and other children who were at the Matlands, whether it be in the Shelter, or whether they belonged to one of the many, many spouses to Matlands in these mainly illegal marriages.There has to be a very good reason why people such as you, would go to so much trouble to get withdrawn from the court hearing, so that you were no longer involved.And then you turned your backs completely.

It's bad enough that the Matlands have children in their care now, let alone trying to get more.The homeless people's shelter is a great way of getting children. How many people are feeling lost or abandoned or can't cope because of being homeless and end up in that den of iniquity with people who are so evil that they would rob the eyes out of your head if they thought that they would get money for them.And I am referring to the Matlands, not the homeless people.My little grandson and Gales children, when they were young used to beg from the homeless.Now that is bad !!! This was the opposite of Robin Hood. He robbed the rich to help the poor. Matlands rob the poor to feed the rich. Not that I know how much money Matland's have in their stash, but for all the scams they pulled, and the blackmail and everything else, and all the property tax evasion, they are probably doing very nicely and the money is probably not easy to find, because they are far from stupid. After all, they have been doing this long enough.And those three thrift shops have to pull in a good amount of money and that doesn't get spent on the homeless shelter like the Matlands make out.Some of that has to pay for Gale's houses, and the shop in Corvallis cost a pretty penny also, so thats where the profits all go.But not on the homeless people.

So "Signs of Victory Albany Mission", I am watching you.You lay a hand on any of those children, and it's not the wrath of God that you want to be worrying about.You are EVIL! EVIL! EVIL ! And it is about time that the authorities in Albany wake up to that fact and stop burying their heads in the sand and covering up the Matland's crimes.Because believe me, they are all three at it right now.Maxine dying made no difference.

And as for you George Matland and your so called spouse Priscilla, you are not going to prevent Andrea and her family and me from having little George back with us, because believe me when I say, The Signs of Victory Albany Mission 's days are numbered and you will all end up in prison, where you belong.

Well friends, now that I have got that off of my chest, I will bid you all a very happy weekend.And to all of my friends who keep their eyes and ears open in Albany,Lebanon and Corvallis, at what is going on there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And please keep up the good work and perhaps we can together destroy the devil (Ooops sorry, I meant the Matlands) Talk to you all soon.

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