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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

"I don't care if your daughter worshipped Satan or is lying dead under the floorboards.I am not going to that house".

This is just one of the reactions told to me by Albany Police Department, by a Lieut. Phil McLain after I had seen photos of one of Matlands' properties in the local newspaper there. It was showing a house on Sixth Ave. owned by the Matlands and rented out into apartments (hell holes would be a more apt description)and a lady by the name of Cindy Stockman was taken ill because of the conditions that she and her family were forced to live in.The relevant photos are on my blog.I had been looking at the photos of the sewage coming from under the floor in their bathroom and rising up onto the floor and bath area and it suddenly struck me that obviously something had to be blocking the pipe up and knowing of the terrible violence that the Matlands have inflicted on some of their spouses and guests over the years,I wondered if they had put any bodies under the floor thus perhaps blocking up the sewage pipes. I called Albany Police Dept., because I mistakenly thought that they investigated crimes.I think that the words 'Police Department ' in the telephone directory misled me, as in England and Ireland, if one has a problem regarding criminal activity, that is who one reports crimes to.But not in Albany or Oregon actually.In fact, if a crime takes place at the Matlands, you would be far better off telling the brick wall, because you are not going to get any help whatsoever.

Back to this ignoramous of a sarcastic policeman, wasn't it bad enough that I am thousands of miles away, worried out of my mind over my daughter and grandchildren, having at that time realised that the Matlands were out and out violent criminals.Then I see these photos in the paper which somebody sent me, as they knew that I was following this case. Well, wouldn't you be worried if it was members of your family who was there? Of course you would. It's only human nature to try and help your family. So as I was saying, I called their Police dept. and this sarcastic bastard refused point blank to go to the Matlands to just make sure that my family were safe.And don't forget that the Matlands had cut contact between my family and myself and I already knew that she was being doped up on something.So I had cause to be anxious to start with.I would have to just add here, that there are a very few decent policemen but it seems that the more ignorant and rude and totally devoid of manners,feelings, and the more bent that you are, the better that you get on in Albany Police dept.,or you did, back when I was trying to get help for my daughter and her children.But I just want to point out also, that my daughter NEVER was a worshipper of Satan, and the only way that that ignoramous of a policeman could have thought that, was because his little buddy George Matland Jnr. had said that so as to put it in that numbskulls mind. And I know it came from George because he, to this day, is still putting round that same story to people around that area.And that is a fact.

Now this next bit, you can take how you like.I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.I had a bit of a breakthrough this week.I knew in my gut that between George Matland Jnr. and his attorney Edward Daniels, that my daughter's case was FIXED so that she was no way getting Custody of her son, George Raymond Matland III.Now the reason that I knew it was fixed was because I have the whole case and consequently certain very relevant paperwork had been removed, so that she never stood a chance in the first place.Now I do not want to get decent people in trouble but I have found a couple of people who can vouch for Andrea and what happened.It might have taken me a while to find them, because all I had were a couple of descriptions of what they looked like nine years ago, but I think that I have pestered so many people for so long, that I was helped just to get me to shut up from asking any more questions.

But once I got this help proving that I was right, it sort of boosted me up and I thought right! who shall I contact next.I was just in the mood.You are never going to believe this OK! I phoned the District Attorney's office. He wasn't in his office at that time.But sure enough this other person came on the phone and I said that I was calling about the Matlands and asked why they never prosecute them. After all,it is hardly rocket science is it? Fraud is paperwork and false names, numbers and so on written on it. Forgery is the use of people's names and so on and falsification of numbers,battered people have bruises and wounds, and that all makes sense, doesn't it? So if it is investigated, doesn't one check the relevant paperwork, re Fraud? Doesn't one check wounds in the case of violence? If one is given poison, doesn't one retrieve the bottle or whatever was used so as to get proof,and in the case of battered children, doesn't one look at what happened to them and the marks on their bodies??? Well, to me that is what I would do if I was investigating a crime. Now wouldn't one think that if one worked as a District Attorney or a deputy, or if you just cleaned the bathrooms where the District Attorney worked, that would be the way to approach a case that needed proving. YOU GET THE EVIDENCE !!!! Then when you have the proof, DAH !!!!! You go to court and prosecute the offender. Seems straight foreward, doesn't it?

Go back in time to 1998, when George Matland gave Andrea poison.She couldn't nip out to report it at that minute because she was temporarily incapacitated.Her muscles all seized up almost imediately.Plus on top of which the Matlands had her so brainwashed that she was like she was in a prison, but without bars. But after the violent attack on her five year old son by George Matland two weeks later,and her calling the Police and them taking a completely false statement from the Matlands and George using that false statement as a way to get a Restraining Order against her, whereby he completely turned the story around so that it appeared that SHE-ANDREA had attacked her own son and George Jnr. himself (who is a hardened fighter) she came out as looking like the attacker and George got away with it completely, yet again.But the point of me saying this is that it did get reported.The poisoning, I am talking about.The bottle, which Andrea was given the poison out of, was kept locked in George's private cupboard.Not in the medicine cabinet where the ordinary medication was kept.He definately wanted and intended her to take this poison because it was already in the Tylanol bottle, locked in HIS cupboard.So to my mind, that was premeditated, because there was still a drop of Tylanol in the medicine cabinet and he said to take her dose from the bottle that he had locked away.This bottle ended up in the dumpster.This dumpster belonged to the Matlands themselves. It lay there for months before the Matlands got it emptied.It was locked away so that nobody else could use this dumpster. Only the Matlands.The police absolutely refused to get the bottle and said that they were not going to go climbing into the dumpster to retrieve it.

Now what was supposed to happen was, the police would retrieve the bottle and check for evidence. They would make a file and send it to the District Attornies office.The DA would then decide if there was a case to answer. Well, I phoned and I phoned. The Police had not sent the report to the DA's office.This next bit is going to be hard to believe.I had written a letter to the DA's office telling them of the other crimes and this poisoning.I was actually told by the DA's office that the Police were holding back on sending this file over to their (DA's) office and would I phone the Police myself and tell them to send it over.Now! this is me in Ireland having to phone their police dept. in Albany, to tell them to send the file over.Well, the woman at the Police dept., nearly took my head off on the phone, but she did say that it had just gone to the DA's office.What a bitch she was. But the point of me telling you this, is this is how Albany officials treat one.They do not deserve jobs in authority.

Now come back to this week when I phoned the DA's office and spoke with this person, and I was purely at this point asking why they never prosecute the Matlands, I was told that I had to report it to the Chief of Police and he would then contact the DA's office.But there had to be evidence.EXCUSE ME !!!! I was told that they would love to prosecute the Matlands but they had to have evidence.Well I don't know if the DA knows this, but in the building where his office is located, which he has been going in and out of for god knows how many years, the very marriages that the Matlands have been performing, are all on record in the Marriage records room. The case that Andrea's paperwork was stolen from is in that same building, but a different room.The court case that was FIXED took place in the courthouse.He only had to pick up a phone and ask the Police dept., which is close by, what they had on the Matlands and they could have given him masses of proof of hhow Matlands behave.Wouldn't those simple tasks have proved beyond doubt, that the Matlands were definately crooked. Hence then perhaps his tiny little brain might have led him to think that perhaps this woman in Ireland might be making valid points as to what else the Matlands were into regarding crime. So I said to this person in the DA's office ,that did all criminals in Albany have to provide evidence of the crimes that they committed or did their accusers, because that is what they lead you to think.And another thing.When I was told that I should send the Chief of Police a letter stating all what I was accusing the Matlands of,then he would investigate it.So I said what a waste of time that would be because I already did that for the past two or three Chiefs of Police.I was then told that it WOULD be investigated by this one as there was all new staff in the positions to whom I had written before. So I said that actually I was being told then that those officials were then all bent.The reply," they will investigate it now". Need I say more? If I can sit here in Ireland and get the evidence, why can't the Police or the DA's office? It is right under their noses.

There is not much more that I can say here except that we now know for definate that Andrea's case was fixed. That the police had no more intentions of investigating the Matlands than flying to the moon.And that a lot of the people that I had contacted were bent as I had said all along. So now comes the question as to how we get this put right. My daughter has lost all those years of having little George.He has suffered all those years by being with that bunch of psycho's. No loving kisses cuddles and bedtime stories and all the things that a normal child should have. Nobody has tried to help him.They have turned their backs to all the cruelty that has gone on there.That is the Police and Children's Services I am talking about.But also the blame lies with the DA and Edward Daniels (his attorney)and other's in the State Offices.

Now George is in this tenth marriage and she has her three children there, and whatever other kids they are trying to keep with them from the Mission and so on,(a baby being one of them)and both George and this latest 'wife' for want of a better word, are not allowing us to contact, our children.They don't talk on the phone or answer their e-mails, and there is no point in writing because the Matlands (Gale and George) control the mail.So they are breaking the laws of Custody, whatever way you look at it.But also, what are they telling these children about their parents.I can tell you that little George will be lucky if he ever hears that his mommy is really Andrea.I bet you that George has well and truly knocked thoughts of her out of his mind.So what are they telling the girls.What poison are they putting into their minds.How will they stop the children repeating things that can incriminate them? FEAR !!!! They put the fear of God into the children, and of course the odd bit of violence.Nothing new there.But HEY!!! if you happen to witness any cruelty, don't bother reporting it to Children's Services because they do not want to know.They already said that they didn't.

And just before I close, a little bit of Public Information. In New York early next week, petitions and letters are all going foreward from all over America for investigating Children's Services and those covering up cruelty on children who are in an official capacity.I wonder whose names have been put foreward for investigation. Especially in Albany? I wonder if they will bring up the subject of the children that were being sold or used for prostitution and child pornography.Wake up Oregon, you've been rumbled.

I do hope that all my friends have a really good weekend.And to those going to these meetings in New York. God bless you all and keep you safe. Let's tell the world how America treats it's children and especially Oregon. Have a good day.

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