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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sixth Ave., SW.

Hello all,

Well the blog entry that I intended on doing yesterday it seems had to be put on hold, because it seems that the Courthouse does not know its own laws and told me wrong. So I don't know if that was said to me on purpose to put me wrong, but thank goodness I had the sense to check the laws properly and you will be able to read that blog once I have them in black and white.

Now whilst I am talking about Albany, Oregon, let me tell you this.I know that some of you reading this must think that I am talking out of my backside, or else I am on drugs.Or trying to sensationalise what has happened. But I swear to God that all of what I have written and loads that I have not even started to get into, really did happen.

Go back to 1998 and after Andrea had escaped from Pastor(as he calls himself now) George Raymond Matland and his mental mother and sister's clutches, her and her little boy had to stay in a battered women's home.I already mentioned in another entry how she travelled in every day on the bus so as not to disrupt her son's schooling. There was a Restraining Order which had been taken out by George, to prevent her going anywhere near her baby and the Matlands and there was a set distance also so that she could not go onto any of their property.This particular day she decided to see if she could find out any gossip about Matlands and see if anyone had seen her baby and if he was being looked after and consequently went to a soup kitchen to see if anyone from the mission was around that she could talk to.Sitting having her dinner, along came Gale and Donovan and in front of everyone, slapped the court papers on the table.But one of the people said not to touch them as that would then count as her being served, and grabbed them and threw them in the trash bin (dumpster) outside. However when I phoned and spoke to her, I told her to go and get them so that we knew what they contained.To our amazement they were divorce papers and I knew by that time that the marriage was never legal to start with, so I said that I would phone the attorney named on these papers and let him know that the marriage was not a legal one.And that if he went into court that he would look stupid, because Maxine was the one who performed the ceremony and she was not a real Pastor.

Now I honestly thought that I was doing the decent thing in telling this man that the marriage was not legal.So out of the goodness of my heart I telephoned him.I explained who I was, and I told him about the forged documents that Maxine had lodged in Josephine County Courthouse, and told him that there was no marriage. He asked me to send him the proof that I had got and I went and had it sent over the following morning.

Months later after the divorce and custody hearing had been over and done with, but unknown to my daughter and myself, as she had been unable to go to the hearing as her mail box had been broken into which contained the date of the hearing, we just assumed that the court was very busy and that the case still had not been heard and that George still had the baby on temporary custody.I mean the Matlands did everything to prevent her seeing the baby.They knew their game inside out.

So in that September there was a notice in the paper saying that the divorce took place that July and a neighbour read it and went and told Andrea. We were very shocked as because she was not at the hearing, little George was given to his dad and he got full custody.Which of course he knew he would get if she was prevented from going to the court.

I knew that I could prove that George's attorney had knowingly gone and filed for this divorce knowing that there was no marriage, so I took this up with Oregon State bar.For one whole year Lia Sarayon strung this inquiry out, and over and over I asked them to explain to me how this attorney did not know that the marriage was illegal when I had a dated document proving that he had already recieved my information in writing before he had run up to the Courthouse to file for the divorce. I even took this inquiry back to be heard by their tribunal.Now why would they protect this attorney, who was so obviously a liar, and consistently refuse to answer the one question as to the date and how he could not have known that there was no marriage?

Well there sure is one thing that I notice about this attorney, who was in a one roomed office with his secretary sitting at a desk on the landing, and shortly after that he was in his brand new office block and now he has three attorneys. I wonder how many crooked cases he had to do to afford a lovely office block like he now is in.Not only was this bastard the mediator in the case, but he was told by the court not to release my daughter's address to George because he was causing her so much harrassment. What did that bastard do, he gave him the address and George carried on harrassing her.He nearly got her killed.

Now if you get the impression that I am still hopping mad over this, you would be dead right. I am fuming still because Linn County Courthouse, and so many others are so intent on covering up for Matlands and their scams, that it makes you wonder what else they are all involved in.Believe me, there is a lot more of this case yet to come out.If you want justice to be seen to be done, steer well clear of Albany in Oregon.Something far bigger is going on there.

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